The Green ones are drawn in a further survey of the Union. Also in Insa-opinion trend for “image” is the party is now the strongest power. Compared to the previous week, the Green 1.5 percentage points to 26.5 percent – the highest ever in the Insa-mind trend for you to measured value.

the CDU and the CSU follow behind with 24 per cent (minus 2 percentage points). Place the AfD, with 13.5 per cent (plus 0.5), slightly ahead of the SPD, with 13 per cent (minus 1). The FDP has gained 1 percentage point to 9 percent, the Left will lose half a point and now stand at 7.5 per cent.

In the published in June surveys, the Green landed earlier in the institutes infratest dimap and Forsa to square one. At Emnid Union and Green are equal, the research group of elections sees the CDU and the CSU just ahead of the Greens.