There has probably gone a mouth, or in this case, probably the mouth, something taken to the full: A great White shark is fishermen off the coast of Japan and into the net. From his throat peering out of a sea turtle. Apparently has swallowed the beast, the reptile, after it had been in the mouth of the predatory fish wedged.

A fisherman from the port city of Osaka, the photos of the beast published on the Facebook. He had just been on tuna fishing in the Pacific, when he heard on the radio that in the waters of a giant great White shark with a turtle in its mouth was spotted, he wrote in a Post.

“The next day he was found dead. He was tangled in one of the networks”. The captains who had seen the animal before, told him that the shark looked there already, as he’s not really dying, because he got rid of the turtle. Accordingly, the Hai should have brought more than two tons on the scale.

Posted by Greg Vella on Friday, 19. April 2019

great White shark in January, prior to Hawaii

spotted In January, have made divers off the coast of Hawaii’s fascinating footage of an encounter with a six metre shark females. The females had Similarity with “Deep Blue”, a copy which is the largest to date strengthened its rules and great White shark. About you was filmed a few years ago, a documentary, and it has its own Twitter Account. She was last spotted in the vicinity of the island of Guadelupe, off the West coast of Mexico.

at the end of June 2018 has been spotted for the first Time in 30 years, a great White shark in Spanish waters. After the screening, experts argued, however, is a question of whether it had acted in the animal is actually a great White shark. A marine biologist believed after reviewing the photos, that it could also have been a porbeagle. Great white sharks and Sharks look very similar. However, the porbeagle is usually only three to four meters long. The Spanish marine research centre is Alnitak in front of the island of Cabrera South of Mallorca sighted predator should be significantly larger.

source: Facebook/DPA