The universe has always been the object of desire of humanity, the infinity of the universe makes the people aware of how tiny he really is. For centuries, we are to look, therefore, to the sky and ask us, as it must be out there. Only a few people, it was reserved so far to answer this question from my own experience – 570 to get it right, writes the “Washington Post”. The Newspapers from the USA on the occasion of the 50. Anniversary of the moon landing with 50 of these people as astronauts in space, spoken and tell them how life in space really is. (Here, you can access the whole Online package of the “Washington Post”.)

the journalists have only interviewed the astronauts from the major space powers, USA and Russia (or Soviet Union), but also the spaceman from Malaysia, Afghanistan, or individuals who have travelled into space.

50 astronauts report: life in the universe

you tell of the incredible fascination of the gaze of hundreds of kilometers altitude down to the earth, which is located in a quiet and blue down there. On this sight you could not prepare, as the astronauts agree. To other uncertainties in All, however, can – and must – set very well. Because in space, many things are quite different as you know on the home planet.

moon landing is 50

Why the dream of the trip to the moon is back in the news

It begins with the Start of the can be quite rough. While a member of the Apollo 15 Mission compares to the year 1971 and the departure of his rocket with a “car, you take your foot off the brake”, asked his colleague, Charlie Duke during a later Mission, if “the thing has to really wiggle so much.”

“gravity is bullshit”

the launch went smoothly, need to get used to the astronaut next to the weightlessness. Sequences of movement need to be practiced, all of a sudden the laws of nature, on which we must on earth no thoughts to be important. “It took a while until I no longer felt like an Idiot,” says NASA Astronaut Steve Swanson of the Washington Post. Russian cosmonaut Sergei Rjansaki, 2013 for the first Time in All, recommends to move “carefully as a cat”. Otherwise, you would encounter the space capsule is constantly on the head: “In the first two weeks, we have a lot of bruises.”

Private astronauts

holidays in space: NASA takes tourists and the prices are astronomical

The feeling of being weightless, is probably one of the most special experiences you can do in the space. Astronaut Sandra Magnus, who between 2002 and 2010, a total of 157 days in All spent, came to the Conviction that “gravity sucks.” Because that’s how difficult it is to get used to beyond the earth’s atmosphere to the conditions, so it is difficult for many of the astronauts after their return to life again with the laws of nature on earth. “We get used to this new environment and then we come back and think: ‘What the hell is that?'”

The biggest Problem: the toilet

However, we remain on the space station. In space, the body changes. As the astronauts float just yet, you will lose with the time the cornea beneath their feet. “After about a month, the skin falls down like a snake that sheds its skin,” says NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy. “My feet were like baby feet.” This horn skin develops on the upper side of the feet, because the astronauts to fix on the ground, by pinching your feet under the sheets.

Compared with the so-called “space sickness” is the loss of the cornea but a trifle. This is caused by the disturbance of the equilibrium organ, similar to people who are seasick on the earth. Astronauts are trying to prepare for it by hanging a long time upside down on poles, or with elevated feet to sleep. But even this Training on the earth, can not prevent the outbreak of the disease. “It feels as if the head would be completely full,” describes an Astronaut feel. The symptoms are Nausea especially and disorientation. In addition, the taste will change in the medium term sense. Astronaut Scott Kelly, for example, reported that he had constantly absurd culinary cravings, “when I was pregnant”.

Many people spend their entire lives on earth, wondering how to go in the space to the bathroom. The “Washington Post” interviewed astronauts confirm: It is no fun. Especially the big business due to the lack of gravity for obvious reasons, difficult. “It sticks to you,” says Richard Garriott paid $ 30 million for a two-week stay on a space station. “It is very difficult to separate from what comes out of you.” Steve Swanson hated the toilet even after three space missions: “It is something you have every day that scares you.”

The earth remains the home of

in Spite of this, most of the astronauts enjoy your stay at All. In addition to her academic work time for Private information to remain: So that the astronauts will not be bored, has sent the NASA two guitars on the space station (the Briton Chris Hadfield came up with his Version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” is so famous), many of the men and women from different countries to be space during your time in the world to close friends.

At the end, but the view always goes to the bottom, on the blue planet, the just but home. With an extremely powerful telescope, the astronauts can zoom in even their home cities. And also in the space you stay informed about what is happening on the earth. As Astronaut Frank Culbertson was on his third space mission on 11. September 2001, “the only American who was not on the earth,” as the Washington Post writes. From the ISS, he could see the smoke of the burning Twin Towers, reported to the then commander. A few days later, he got the message that it was hijacked at one of the pilots whose plane by terrorists and the Pentagon directed a friend had acted.

source: Washington Post

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