the tomb defilers have stolen from a crypt in Dublin, the skull of a centuries-old “Crusader”-mummy. The burial chamber in the Church of St. Michan in Ireland’s capital city had been damaged during the theft “difficult”, declared the Church of Ireland on Tuesday. Church leaders reacted with horror to the fact. The thieves have desecrated on the night of Sunday, also the graves of 400 years ago who died a nun, and other dead “”.

Dublin’s Archbishop is “shocked” by the theft of

of Dublin, Archbishop Michael Jackson said that he was “shocked that someone can attack this ancient burial place and the Remains of those buried there, can desecrate”. He called on the perpetrators to “examine your Conscience, and the skull of the Crusader in its right place”. The parish priest of St. Michan, archdeacon David Pierpoint, called the act “a devastating and sacrilegious”.

The “cross driver” is so called because he is said to have been died during a crusade to the conquest of Jerusalem, or shortly thereafter. Because of its above-average body size, the legs were broken so he could fit in his coffin in the St. Michan-crypt. Now it is feared that the stolen skull outside of the cool crypt of decayed quickly.

The Church of St. Michan, whose Foundation was laid of stone 1095, is a popular tourist attraction in Dublin. According to the legend, the writer Bram Stoker is supposed to have come on a visit to St. Michan the idea for his legendary vampire novel “Dracula”.

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