The parents of a German IS-fighter Martin Lemke prepare legal action against the French authorities. France’s government had on Friday, three of her grandchildren – the children of Martin Lemke’s and his late French wife, Julie Maninchedda – from Northern Syria to fly. Now a conflict over the custody of the three boys between the French and the German grandparents have been threatened.

From Northern Syria to France

children of the German IS-fighter Lemke to Europe brought, as it is for the Little ones?

“We are pleased and grateful that our three grandchildren are in safety”, said Martin Lemke’s mother Bianca Lemke the star. “My husband and I have been trying for some time to get the provisional custody of the three boys. This is a desire that we will bring now to the French authorities.”

Other Statements made in Public will not give it for the protection of children from the pages of your family for the time being. In consultation with the local youth welfare office, the grandparents Lemke had met for weeks, preparations for the return of the children. In your house in Zeitz in Saxony-Anhalt you have set up a nursery. The Lemke’s have turned to the Foreign office and a specialist lawyer for family law, to represent their interests to the French authorities.

grandparents fighting for their grandchildren

However, the French grandparents, Lydie and Patrice Maninchedda from Libercourt, near Lille in Northern France, to the three sons of her daughter permanently. The student, Julie Maninchedda had traveled in 2014, together with the skilled welder Martin Lemke from Germany to Syria to join the IS connect. According to star research came in October or November 2018, in an air RAID by the international Anti-IS coalition in Eastern Syria killed. In an Interview with the star the grandmother Lydie Maninchedda the end of February, said: “We had only one daughter. She’s dead. These three children are the only family we have left. We want to have you with us, educate you and explain to you, who was your mother.”

Islamic state

“Never a man beheaded”: encounter with the German IS-fighters Martin Lemke

it remains Unclear, meanwhile, is the exact legal basis of the decision to return the three boys and two other children by the French government. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, said: “It was pursuing a humanitarian approach.” Diplomatic sources in the French Ministry of foreign Affairs, selected the children to return, and under strict secrecy-planned shipment to France had monitored, had declared after the arrival of the child at an airport near Paris, to give any of the children, “an unidentified parent was still alive”. Whether the repatriation was preceded by a judicial decision, is not yet known.

The five-year-old Yasser, the oldest son of Martin Lemke and Julie Maninchedda, 2014 in Leipzig to the world. There, the Boy and his parents was reported to be up to their departure to Syria in November 2014. The two younger sons of the pair, the three-year Schakir and the one-year Jafar, were born in Syria. Your descent will now have to be using DNA-proven Tests.

German grandparents hope for Transfer of custody

The grandparents Lemke hope, meanwhile, that it is your son, with the support of the International Red cross manage to transfer them from detention in Syria custody. This intention was expressed by Martin Lemke in messages to the family prior to his arrest by the Kurdish-led SDF militia in Northern Syria at the end of January. If, and when, Lemke, formerly a high-ranking member of the IS-secret service, the Amniyat, is transferred for further prosecution to Germany, is unclear. He is being charged with, among other things, the participation in torture and executions in Syria.


Julie Maninchedda, the mother of the children, of 2018, Lemke a divorce. She died on the escape from Raqqa.


According to the French authorities, four of the five on Friday ausgeflogenen children are “healthy”. A fifth was injured and in a “worse condition”. This seems to be the little Jafar. In the case of the bomb attack that killed his mother, he had been of splinters in the face, abdomen and right leg severely injured. Finally, the children had spent several weeks in the care of nursing mothers in the crowded prison camp, al-Hol in the North-East of Syria. In France must decide by the end of next week, a judge, whether the children are housed for a transition period in the welfare-state specific foster families. Up to a decision on the final acceptance of custody may be months.