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killed Ukrainian soldier in the East of the country (13.03 PM)High “Irmelin” adopted – the Alps favoring unstable weather starting on Tuesday (12.35 PM)at Least 17 people died in Floods in Afghanistan (11.32 a.m.) – dead in clashes on the Gaza border (7.57 p.m.)Rangers rescue baby Elephant after days from the mud pit (7.17 PM)+++ 15.20: England: Government is thinking about a fourth vote to +++

The British government under Prime Minister Theresa May to think about to make your Brexit Deal a fourth Time to the house of Commons for a vote. An adoption of the withdrawal agreement with the EU was the “best way in the Referendum,” said the party chief of the Mays, Conservative Brandon Lewis, on Saturday the BBC.

The house of Commons had rejected the Deal on the day before the third Time – but with a less clear majority as before. “At least it’s moving in the right direction,” said Lewis about the mood in Parliament. In January and on 12. March had voted in favour of the house of Commons against the discharge of the contract. The deputies voted already several times against a so-called hard Leaving without an agreement, but could not agree so far on Alternatives to Mays exit the contract. On Monday and on Wednesday of next week for more votes on alternative proposals are coming now planned.

+++ 13.54 PM: Three young Africans for alleged ship capture +++

accused of Three young Africans, should have switched a tank ship with migrants on Board on the way to Libya, have been accused on Saturday in Malta. The 15-, 16 -, and 19-Year-old from Guinea and the ivory coast for up to 30 years in prison if convicted on Terror charges. A Maltese special operations command had taken over the ship on Thursday to the open sea and in the port of Valletta.

The Tanker “Elhiblu I” had not taken brittle on Tuesday evening in international waters off Libya more than a hundred Ship who wanted to return to the North African country. The under the Flag of Palau-driving “Elhiblu I” was located about six nautical miles off the Libyan port of Tripoli, as you suddenly umsteuerte and course in the direction of the North. After the Takeover by the Maltese Navy and the arrival in Valetta five migrants were arrested.

+++ 13.30 h: Spanish police pick the wrong money-printing in Tenerife +++

On the Canary island of Tenerife, forces a successful strike against a group of professional counterfeiters. Four suspects the Italians had been detained, informed the Spanish national police on Saturday. You should have made in Arona in the South of the island, 10 – and 20-Euro banknotes of the “very good quality” and in several countries in Europe in circulation – what have you brought in a monthly profit of about 7500 euros.

according to investigators, it was “the most active counterfeit money printing house of Spain”. A total of were seized in the police operation, which was launched in July 2018, 15.500 wrong Euro, as well as printer, Computer, paper and colors.

+++ 13.21 PM: earthquake frightened people in Central Greece +++

An earthquake has rocked on Saturday, Central Greece, and many people frightened. The center of the quake was some 50 kilometres East of the port city of Patras and about 130 kilometers to the West of the Greek capital, Athens. From the geodynamic Institute in Athens, the tremor was mixing with 5.2 measured. Immediate reports of injuries or serious damage were initially reported according to Greek media. In the Region around the epicentre, thousands of people were on the streets ran, it said.

“We have felt it strongly. Injured it is probably not,” said the doctor Giorgos Tagaris from the port city of Patras, the German press Agency about an hour after the quake.

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No water, no electricity, no future – a journey in the war-stricken East of Ukraine

Bettina Sengling +++ 13.03 PM: Ukrainian soldier in the East of the country killed +++

Immediately prior to the presidential election in Ukraine, the fighting in the East of the country flared up again. A soldier was killed, according to information from the Ukrainian army on Saturday, four more were wounded. From the pages of the Pro-Russian separatists and no casualties were reported.

The army leadership spoke of a “significant escalation” of the situation within the previous 24 hours. The opponent would have used heavy weapons, which were prohibited by existing peace agreements.

+++ 12.35 PM: High “Irmelin” adopted – unpredictable weather from Tuesday

The summer time comes, the High “Irmelin” goodbye: Just the time change on Sunday a cold front over Germany. “Nevertheless, it will be on Sunday in the North and the South of Germany, once again, very nice,” said a meteorologist of the German weather service (DWD) on Saturday in Offenbach. Only in the middle of Germany-dominated clouds of the sky. There could be thunderstorms, rain and isolated.

If the pointer of the night on Sunday to advance from 2.00 PM to 3.00 PM, it is in many places, cold: In the South, up to minus 3 degrees in some places, Frost. “That’s where you have to protect during the night the sensitive plants again before Frost”, recommended the DWD meteorologist. During the day temperatures rise up to 21 degrees in the South and only 14 degrees in the Northern half of.

In the new week unbeständigeres weather prevails, according to the DWD: On Monday, the density of the clouds hanging over the South and Southeast at times. At the edge of the Alps it can rain, otherwise it stays dry. In the South-Western half of Germany, the Thermometer rises up to 19 degrees. In the North-East it is with 8 to 13 degrees, it can be significantly cooler. “And as of Tuesday, the nice weather is finally over,” said DWD meteorologist, “probably for the whole week.”

+++ 12.26 PM: French banks call for end of violence in the “yellow West”-protests +++

go To 20. Protest Saturday, the “yellow West” in France have called on the banks to rioters to spare their facilities. The “unjustified violence” against branches and ATMs had to finally stop, said the Bank’s Association on Saturday in the newspaper “Le Monde”.

Since the beginning of the protests more than four months, hundreds of banks were vandalized, looted or been fired, defendant, the Association. Also Bank employees had been threatened. 16. March, on the ground floor of a residential building to the local branch of the Bank Tarneaud had been lit in Paris, eleven people were wounded,zt.

+++ 11.34 PM: Swiss goes to 162-million profit +++

work in Spite of a Lotto profit of 162 million euros in a Swiss woman is, according to a media report, the more your Job. You do your work, said the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, the newspaper “Switzerland on the weekend”. With a bet of the equivalent of 22 euros, the woman had won in October of last year 162 million euros in the lottery Euro Millions.

Also their place of residence to stay the winner of the Canton of Aargau true, although you can save with a move to another Canton million, the newspaper writes. The Federal government, the Canton and the municipality to collect, thanks to the profit of their citizen, a lot of tax money. The Canton of getting around CHF 23 million (20.6 million euros), the collar 21 million Swiss francs. For the Aargau municipality of 11.7 to 25.8 million Swiss francs were incurred.

+++ 11.32 PM: at Least 17 people died in Floods in Afghanistan +++

In the case of heavy rains and Floods have arrived in Afghanistan at least 17 people were killed. In the Northern province of Faryab ten people were found dead and two more are missing, such as members of the provincial Council said on Saturday. Fields were devastated, hundreds of houses and shops destroyed, and around 2000 livestock killed. The inhabitants are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. In the Western province of Herat were killed, according to a provincial spokesman, seven people. Civil protection and military are in use to help the storm-stricken residents.

+++ 10.24 PM: Stegner wants to again as SPD Federal Vice-run +++

Ralf Stegner wants to again run for the Post of the SPD Federal Vice. “This of course depends on the circumstances, but at the present time I have it,” said Stegner on Saturday the German press Agency in Norderstedt prior to the start of the SPD party day . The elections for the SPD Federal Executive Committee are planned this year. Stegner retires after twelve years out of office as the schleswig-Holstein state Chairman. At the party Congress should be chosen at noon, the member of the Landtag Serpil Midyatli to Stegners successor.

On Twitter Stegner made on Saturday morning clear, the waiver of the country’s presidency would mean the end of his political career: “For the friends and for the enemy: to retreat is not,” tweeted the 59-Year-old. “As a group Chairman and leader of the opposition in the Parliament and as a Deputy Federal Chairman of the SPD, I still have some of that.” In the summer of Stegner wants to run again for the presidency of the SPD parliamentary group in Kiel.

+++ 9.59 PM: Ten alleged Islamists due to a terror suspected arrested +++

In the case of Anti-terrorist operations in North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg took the police ten alleged Islamists. You should have planned a terrorist attack. It is the suspicion of preparing a serious state was dangerous to the Offence, said a spokesman for the leading General Prosecutor’s office in Düsseldorf on Saturday.

There is, however, no references to specific objectives or a specific fact, he stressed. The police are investigating, therefore, possible Links to the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS). “We suspect that it is a splinter group of the IS or sympathisers,” he said. Previously had reported the “Bild-Zeitung”and the “Rheinische Post”.

It searches in Essen, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, Mönchengladbach, Duisburg, as well as in baden-württemberg, Ulm. The action had begun on Friday morning and Saturday morning took. “You have to watch if the was found, what was looking for,” said the spokesperson. Whether arrest warrants would be sought against the ten, is still unclear.

Among the ten detained a Tajik. About the nationality of the other Suspects nothing, it was first known. A connection with the Odyssey of a 19-Year-old on Friday in the city centre of Essen, the investigators did not see. This was in the Morning with his car at high speed on the road, according to witnesses, in a pedestrian area of the Ruhr metropolis. A special squad arrested the man, finally in his car he had parked there already. A witness had discovered the car and the police alerted.

+++ 9.20 PM: Taliban invade another district – a large number of Dead +++

After two days of Fighting have captured the Taliban, a further district of the ostafghanischen province of Badakhshan. The Islamists are now in the situation, the provincial capital of Feyzabad attack, declared the two provincial councils on Saturday.

In the Fighting were killed, according to the figures, at least twelve members of the security forces. Five more had been wounded and five were missing. The area is located to the East of Kabul near the Pakistan border.

In the case of a Taliban attack in the southeastern province of Sabul were, according to official figures from the Saturday, eight police officers killed. In the night of Friday, at least 15 police officers were killed also in the attacks on the checkpoint in the southeastern province of capital city of Ghazni.

+++ 8.56 PM: New York: hundreds of vaccinations after measles outbreak +++

After a measles outbreak in the U.S. state of New York have in the affected County within two days, hundreds of people vaccinate. Since Wednesday, more than 500 people came to Vaccinate, said chief Executive Ed Day, County of Rockland on Friday evening (local time) the TV channel CNBC.

Rockland County had declared a state of emergency after dozens of measles cases were registered. Non-vaccinated children and Teen are not allowed since then, in public places or go to school. The aim is, according to the chief administrator of the Day that at least 93 per cent of the population are vaccinated.

+++ 8.06 PM: the case of Japanese students on a class trip in Australia drowned +++

On a class trip to Australia, two Japanese students are drowned. The bodies of the two 16-Year-olds were found according to police sources, on Saturday morning at Lake Mackenzie on Fraser Island, a popular tourist destination off the coast of the Eastern state of Queensland. The two boys had been reported on Friday night as missing.

How could this come to the accident, still needed to be clarified, said a police spokesman. Tourists who wanted to go for a swim in Australian waters should be aware of the risks and their own swimming capabilities, be aware, he warned.

+++ 7.57 PM: One dead in clashes on the Gaza border +++

protests on the border between the Gaza strip and Israel killed a Palestinian. The 20-Year-old died on Saturday morning, East of Gaza city by gunfire from the Israeli army, as the Palestinian health Ministrym told. According to eyewitnesses, he had found more than 100 meters from the border fence removed, as he was hit by the fatal shots.

A spokesman for the Israeli army would not comment to the incident. The radical Islamic Hamas movement has called on the first anniversary of the start of the protests on the border between the Gaza strip and Israel to mass rallies. It expects tens of thousands of participants.

+++ 7.17 PM: Rangers rescue baby Elephant after days from the mud pit +++

Rangers have rescued in Thailand, six baby Elephant out of a deep mud pit in which the animals were sitting, apparently, for days. The Rangers came out on patrol in a national Park to the East of Bangkok on the terrified and helpless, the elephant calves, as Park head Prawartsart Chantheap reported on Saturday.

When they realized that the animals could not come alone from the deep mud-hole out went some of the Ranger on the way to get equipment of your exemption, the other stayed the night at the pit, in order to the calves to take care of. The next Morning, now with picks and spades-equipped Team began to build a ramp for the animals.

After three hours of work were able to leave the mud-covered baby Elephant, the pit finally, on the ramp under its own power. “Come on, let’s go follow each other!” cheered the Ranger in one of the Park’s administration captured Video of the animals. “Come on, kids, let’s go!”

+++ 6.46 PM: Five Dead in Explosion at Chinese factory +++

an Explosion At a factory in Eastern China at least five people have been killed. Trigger of the disaster, a gas leak in the perlite plant in the province of Shandong, have been, local authorities said. How, exactly, could the Explosion in the night to Saturday, was still being determined. Authorities, according to an employee of the Yongli-perlite factory in Qing was taken to Zhou. Perlite is a volcanic glass, widely used for horticulture, as an insulation material or in the plastic production is used.

The incident occurred barely two weeks after one of the worst industrial accidents in the history of China, in which 78 people were killed. In a chemical factory in the Eastern city of Yancheng had broken out after an Explosion a major fire. In China, it always comes back to serious industrial accidents. Safety regulations are often not adhered to.

+++ 5.34 PM: climate-Demos: consequences for students can be different +++

If students demonstrate during class time for more climate protection, the consequences can be, according to the Association of education (VBE) nationwide different. “Some organize project days, other take the are Missing, others give references, stay after school and write essays,” says the VBE Federal Chairman Udo Beckmann, the German press Agency.

Federal States such as Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, lower Saxony and Thuringia in the conflict on the existing compulsory education and values Demo-participation as an unexcused Absence. Teachers are not able to cancel according to the VBE of compulsory education, this is the responsibility of the ministries of education of the länder. Of possible fines due to truancy, the Chairman of the Federal parents Council, Stephan Wassmuth has heard nothing yet.

+++ 5.05 PM: the sports Committee discussed Doping scandal and leniency +++

The sports Committee of the Bundestag will deal at its meeting on Wednesday with the Doping scandal of Seefeld and Erfurt, as well as the consequences of that. Were invited Günter Younger, head investigator of the world Anti-Doping Agency, and Kai graves, head of the focus of prosecution of Doping in Munich. In addition, the Chairman of the National Anti-Doping Agency, Andrea Gotzmann, Lars Mortsiefer, Alfons Hörmann, President of the German sports Federation and the athlete representative of the DOSB, Jonathan cook and Amelie Ebert to be expected.

the focus of the discussion should be the subject of leniency for Doping Whistleblower. “I expect the meeting, the experts present their point of view on the hotly debated question of whether, and if so, why the Anti-Doping law should be supplemented by a leniency programme,” said Dagmar Freitag (SPD), the Chairman of the sports Committee. “If policy can improve something, you should do it from my point of view.”

+++ 4.16 PM: To Christchurch-stroke: Facebook rules for Live to toughen-Videos +++

Facebook has announced after the deadly attack in Christchurch, to tighten its rules for Live Videos. A lot of people would ask “behind how Online platforms have been used such as Facebook, to spread the horrible Videos of the attack,” said Facebook Manager Sheryl Sandberg on Friday. So, in the future, users of Facebook are to be excluded Live, the have failed in the past against the community standards of the network. In addition, Facebook is investing in Software to detect quickly edited versions of violence videos or images.

“As a result of the terrorist attack, we take three measures: The rules for Facebook Live intensify the fight against hate on its platforms enhance and new Zealand support,” said Sandberg, number two in the Facebook group.

+++ 3.02 PM: Trump wants to make Mexico border density +++

US President Donald Trump has once more threatened with a closure of the border to Mexico – this time connected with an Ultimatum to the Mexican government. “If Mexico does not stop immediately stop any and all illegal Migration into the United States through our southern border, I’m going to close the border or large parts of the border next week,” wrote Trump on Friday on Twitter. The probability that it will come, was “very large”. It is so easy for Mexico to prevent illegal Migration, “but they just take our money and “talk” to,” wrote Trump.

Mexico must stop the so-called migrants, and caravans to the North. “If you don’t stop, we close the border,” said Trump. “I don’t play games.” The closure of the Border could include any trade. Mexico have for years had a massive trade surplus of 100 billion dollars to the United States.

The Mexican government will, however, not to put pressure on you. “Mexico is not on the basis of threats,” wrote the foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard on Twitter. “We are great neighbors. The 1.5 million US citizens that have made our country your home talk, the largest group originating outside of the United States. For you, we are the bestn neighbors, you could wish for.”

+++ 2.21 PM: refugee Agency calls for a new rescue mission in the Mediterranean +++

The UN refugee Agency, UNHCR, has called for the EU decision on the withdrawal of the ships of the Mediterranean Mission “Sophia” new measures for rescue of people in distress at sea. “It needs more ships, no matter who makes them in the waters between Libya and Europe, where people drown,” said the representative of the UNHCR in Germany, Dominik Bartsch, the “world on Sunday”. The rescue was a “humanitarian and legal imperative, of the for in international Conventions is written,” he added.

Bartsch called the decision of the EU member States a “depressing setback for a Europe of humanity”. A Seemission without ships “means to leave the sea to those that Europe wants to fight, and to leave those to the sea, seeking protection in Europe”.

+++ 1.42 PM: a judge under the memorial to celebrate the coup anniversary in Brazil +++

Shortly before the anniversary of the military coup in Brazil, 55 years ago, a judge has said the controversial celebration. For the Sunday scheduled events in the barracks of the South American country would have to be cancelled, decided by judge Ivani Silva da Luz on Friday. You are in breach, therefore, against the principle of legality, since they were not regulated by law.

at the beginning of the week, a spokesman for the right-wing populist President Jair Bolsonaro had declared to the Ministry of defence had been instructed to “appropriate celebrations” on October 31. To organize the March. The Coup against then-President João Goulart had been initiated in 1964, a 21-year long dictatorship. According to the later-established truth Commission were killed during the military rule 434 people, or deported.

+++ 1.19 clock: BDI-President calls for quick decision-making at the Brexit +++

the President of The industry Association BDI, Dieter Kempf, has asked after the third no of the British Parliament to Brexit-agreement in London to Act. “British policy must as soon as possible to complete the Brexit process,” said Kempf of the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Saturday). “This ambiguous situation is clouding the mood, scares off investors, costing growth and jobs,” he said. There is a “nagging uncertainty” in the economy.

Kempf warned of the consequences for German companies. “We expect a setback for the German economy in the order of magnitude of at least one-half of one percent of the gross domestic product,” reiterated the industry President. The approximately 17 billion euros would be less economic strength “this year alone”. He will assume that every fourth company had to cancel with business connections to the United Kingdom in the event of a hard Brexit.

+++ 0.53 PM: Red cross to bring relief supplies to Venezuela +++

in the face of severe political and economic crisis in Venezuela, the Red cross wants aid deliveries in the South American country. “We will help to bring the goods into the country, but our rules such as the rejection of military intervention must be respected,” said the President of the International red cross and red Crescent societies, Francesco Rocca, on Friday in Caracas. “We are able to help at least 650,000 people with our deliveries.”

The Red cross had no part in the distribution of relief goods, because the organization was afraid to be politically instrumentalised. After a series of talks in Caracas, the way was now free, said Rocca. The help could start in two weeks. “In a power struggle-torn country the humanity has triumphed,” he said. “This is a crucial step to the humanitarian aid in Venezuela to expand.”

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