Still it is not finally decided, but the excitement since the days of the huge. The simple question of whether good Friday should be a holiday in Austria or not, has become our neighbours to the case for Comedians and labor lawyer. Because of the law of conservation government in Vienna, which promoted the “perfect solution” is this: Instead of the high krichlichen celebration day, all the Austrians will receive a “personal holiday”? You can pick up on good Friday, or on any other day, the day of the wedding, for example. However, this day must be taken from “the holidays”, what does it actually mean other than: The good Friday as a holiday off and who wants to be free, must take hold.


good Friday

middle ages here we go: when you finally get the dance ban?

But from the front, so Far, the good Friday in Austria, was a holiday for members of the Evangelical Church, the Evangelical-Methodist Church and old Catholics. The approximately 300.000 people were different than the Rest of the Austrians in the enjoyment of a free day, but also in the enjoyment of holiday premiums, if they worked on good Friday. A resourceful employee of a private detective Agency wouldn’t accept that. He felt discriminated against because he had received on good Friday 2015 public Holidays, because he belongs to none of the questionable Krichen. The man complained and pushed so obviously the Austrian justice. The referred the case to the European court of justice (ECJ). The thing was clear. If holiday, then for all, with all the corresponding claims.

Austria: It is a cross with the good Friday

the verdict of the judges in Luxembourg was supposedly open to no question. Differently in Austria. There, in fact with the matter is again enormously. point considered, considered. Which politicians want to ruin it already with the choice of the people, because he is abolishing a public holiday. On the other hand, Austria’s economy and trade moaned. There is already plenty of free days (up to 18), a further one could not afford (even though it was for such a minority anyway). The compromise attempt: a half-day holiday for everyone from 14 o’clock on good Friday. But even that was highly debatable, did not fit anyone.

And so it was good advice. The solution now lies in a Trick, in any case, the government: it’s called “personal holiday”. You can take them whenever you want, of course, on good Friday. Of the day, but no additional free day, but a normal day, you have to register early. Remains the bottom line: The good Friday is abolished as a public holiday – and also for the 300,000 Protestant and old Catholic Austrians. A masterpiece: First, many of the Austrians had the holiday, then wanted to have it all, in between all of them should get a half and now, no one has more. Not only is the Austrian Green party have reacted with bitter scorn:

A little Trick,

, The Green are the only ones who blaspheme in the social media, mock, or simply upset:

A little Trick could remain Austria’s workers, but still: The “personal holiday” must be requested three months in advance. The worker should pursue, but at the request of the employer due to urgent operational reasons on the self-chosen “personal holiday” voluntarily of his work, so he should get supplements as on any other holiday. Who is this a Methode developed, it can be the excitement at least with a few extra Euro to pay.

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