The Japanese weather Bureau and the American Ocean Agency NOAA agree: The weather phenomenon El Niño is imminent. Accordingly, it develops in around eight out of ten cases, if the conditions are like currently. In the Winter of 2018/19 El Niño could occur in the Northern hemisphere.

When the water heats up in the Eastern and Central Pacific, is a clear sign of El Niño. Then it comes, for example, in the medium and droughts, South America, South Africa, South Asia and Australia, and elsewhere, the towers threaten to Floods and tropical vortices (see chart).

In the last week to balance the temperature was in several important Pacific regions, almost a degree above the long-term average, says NOAA. From a value of 0.5 degrees, experts talk of an El Niño. The border must be at least on a monthly basis exceeded, this is still the case everywhere. The temperature is, but in all major regions over the long-term average.

Ordinary effects of El Niño

Gigantic hot water quantities in the Pacific

the Occurrence of El Niño is also Secured, if experts assume that the temperature is also increased, and the Atmosphere responds to the warmer water. Most of the forecasts currently.

El Niño has the following effects: Normally, trade winds blow along the Equator in the Pacific ocean from East to West. Press the water in this direction and rinse as warm surface water in the Region of Indonesia. To South America, cold water penetrates from the Depths of the ocean to the surface.

Weakness of the winds during an El Niño, back, sloshing the warm water masses from East Asia. Within a few months, huge amounts of warm water moving through the Pacific ocean and reach South America to the surface. The water, where it gives off heat to the air.

Recently raged El Niño in the years 2015 and 2016, and at that time led to crop failures, forest fires and Floods (read more here).

editors ‘ note: The temperature anomaly of the last week’s values was just under a degree, instead of first, indicated in the Text at 0.7. In addition, experts expect that the situation will remain like that in the future. We have corrected the error.