In the case of a break-in in the car of an official of the land office of criminal investigation lower Saxony files with sensitive data on V-people to the police stolen. The beginning of may, stolen files to make conclusions on the work of the officials and the nature of its information gathering.

This is from a report of the Ministry of interior to the competent Parliament Committee is present the German press Agency. Previously, the NDR and the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung had reported” about it. The state police did not react to the incident first position.

According to the report of the Ministry of interior, the officials, from the private car, and the briefcase was stolen, works in the Department responsible for operational procurement of information and leads V-people. The documents could contain sensitive information and data, stated in the paper. The search of the files was initially not successful. Three days after the theft, an Angler had found the briefcase in a pond to the South of Hannover.

During personal items such as cash and debit were missing card of the officials were “obviously” not read the documents in the bag. So far a safety was damage to the operational activities of the LKA cannot be ascertained, the report says.

The Greens in the lower Saxony state Parliament requested a briefing by interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD). After the accidental Blow of a V-man in the lower Saxon protection of the Constitution in the past year, this is already the second known scandal within one year, the security authorities, the unmasking of V-people at risk of, said the Green MEP Julia Willie Hamburg. Also, the FDP parliamentary group called for a full investigation.

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