As a football game has not revealed it yet. On a labbrigen art space, on the penalty area line to replace in a single strip from the ground, the lawn of the TSV saalhausen encounters the DJK Germania Gladbeck. Unfortunately, you have to say so, because my footballing world stopped at the County border, at the bottom of the circle League C in My training jacket at least two more numbers for me today too big, so I get to the age of 16. Half my life you will accompany me now on the football fields of this world. So now Tunisia.

And on the other side of the Germania Gladbeck. And also my own against players with the number 8, Gladbeck, in the gate, is the Jersey a little too big. But the turn of the Millennium was still. Since the jerseys were not as skin-tight as today, but pretty wide, and that, in any case, every big beer belly inside. Germania Gladbeck it is no longer there today. The Jersey is now sweating in Tunisia full.

Not every Jersey is in the third world

in addition to the jerseys of Ronaldo and Messi, the flea markets in Tunis, the number 10 from the VFL Sindelfingen, or to buy from FC Deisenhofen. Each for under ten euros. I doubt strongly that if the mother of the week the market comes home, and the eight-year-old would-be Ronaldo the black-and-white striped number 7 from the TSV Burgbernheim presented it triggers a similar euphoria with the Juve Jersey of the five-times world footballer, but that is pure speculation. And who knows what talents lie dormant in burgbernheim.

Simon Kremer – Lost in the middle East

the Orient: Likes to drink, and everywhere, to only Ramadan, it is difficult

Tunisia is the men’s League for the German district League jerseys. Retired in the Palatinate, and by new players and jerseys replaced, it goes on elsewhere, a bit more leisurely. And not every Jersey is as old camisole from FC Germania Friedrichsfeld as a Jersey donation in the third world – would finally, any changes in the gloss of the table, the circle class B1 Mannheim, the eighth sun. Many of them end up in the free sale.

donations, Only two percent of the dress, reports a arte-Reportage, even in the case of the poor in their own neighborhood. The Rest is exported. And a lot of clothes to land first in Tunisia, before they are then distributed southwards into other African countries. More and more private traders want to benefit a bit from the glamour world of the County leagues. Old clothes and old-timers, that sounds almost exactly like Milan or Madrid.