On new year’s eve took place in the Bavarian Puchheim is a tragedy. A five year-old girl died in a apartment fire killed. The child was hiding, apparently out of fear of the flames in a closet and there it could be from the fire Department only recovered dead. The girl’s father was at the time of the fire in the apartment, as the police told the star. The 47-Year-old is still desperately trying to save his child. This did not succeed. Apparently, he found the girl in the dense smoke, and a heavy flue gas poisoning suffered before he was rescued by the forces.

the cause of The fire is also two days later, still unclear. Sure is only, that it broke out in the apartment. In the course of Wednesday and Thursday, the experts, including one of the country’s criminal police office to investigate the fire scene. The autopsy of the child is planned for according to the police, for the Wednesday.

Brand in Puchheim: neighbours heard screams

The Munich-based “Abendzeitung” reported, citing neighbors of the further details of the tragic accident. Thus, several occupants of the house heard the cries of a child, but not initially realized that there were screams of life and death. An eye-witness saw how the father had been brought up with rußverschmiertem face of the fire service in safety. The advanced brigade was able to save the “evening newspaper”, according to a dog from the burning apartment.

A police spokesman said the father had in the meantime can be heard. “This has brought us in clarifying the cause of the fire. The police will determine in the coming days. Because the flames had quickly spread in the apartment, there is also the stove of the exact Fire remains unclear.

mother: “The pain is so infinitely large”

The mother of the five-year-old had not been according to the speaker’s home when the accident happened. She was little came back later and be cared for by a crisis intervention team. The “image” language with her. “I have the most valuable thing I had lost. This pain is so infinitely great,” is quoted the 34-Year-old. “I just wanna go back to my Vanessa, your Laugh, your radiant eyes. I want my sunshine back.”

sources: the police / Bild.de / Abendzeitung.de


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