In Emmerich on the lower Rhine, is looking for the police after a man who re-enacted apparently in the swimming pool Embricana young girls, and photographed them. According to the police the search was last summer, over a longer period of time in the locker area of the leisure pool. “Here, he apparently kept on the lookout for young girl. He waited until the changing rooms visited in order to photograph it and then below the partition walls”, – stated in the Bolo. Surveillance cameras would have recorded it.

The incident occurred on September 19. August of last year. Because so far, the search for the man, however, was not successful, the police now to the Public and asks for advice. The suspect is between 175 and 180 centimeters tall. His age is estimated to be 50 to 65 years.

The police describes him as a bald, big-bellied, and the appearance to the West European. The man was wearing a dark Shorts, a gray, labeled T-Shirt and had a dark bag.

you Should be aware of the man or information on his identity please contact the criminal division of Kalkar at the phone number 02824 880.


Emmerich: The police are searching for this man

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