Separated parents should be relieved from the point of view of the Federal Minister for family Affairs, Franziska Giffey for tax purposes. “I think that’s right, because couples in separation are more burdened,” said the SPD politician of the “B. Z. am Sonntag” on the question of whether she wanted to relieve separation of the parents, also for tax purposes.

“you two apartments, two households, often double features for the child. Modern family policy must react to it.”

The policy will do much to ensure that both parents can contribute more in the education. “And if they separate, we should put no obstacles in the way,” said Giffey of the newspaper.

The family Minister had to relieve for an advance, the committed fathers of separation of children in case of maintenance payments, in part as a fierce criticism. “It is a highly emotional topic, and we talk about how we can improve things for the parents, the educate together separately,” she said. A new regulation should not, of course, mean that Single parents should be concerned about. “We will not make any hasty arrangements.”