Goliath frogs build their offspring, a kind of Nest up to two kilograms heavy stones. The huge animals, which can bring three pounds on the scale, a small rock pools on the banks of the river before they spawn.

The tadpoles are protected later, both from currents, as well as from predators, well, write researchers from the Berlin Museum of natural history in the “Journal of Natural History”.

Goliath frogs are the largest known species of frog of the earth, and today in Cameroon and Guinea. They live in fast-flowing waters in the tropical rain forest. Her body measures approximately 30 centimeters in length, velvet thighs, you have an even greater impact. How the love of a Parent mixed quasi mountains, observed the scientist with a video camera at the river Mpoula. They discovered there 14 of the breeding ponds, with almost 3000 eggs.

“The frogs move sometimes stones with a weight of up to two kilograms,” says Marvin shepherd, co-author of the study. “We believe that this tedious activity could explain why adult frogs at all giants have to be.”

With different building techniques constructed the frogs, even small dams out of Leaves and gravel. In addition, you guarded your pond nests had a Meter in diameter. “Giant frogs are the first well-known African amphibian, the active breeding grounds for their offspring to build,” added project Manager Mark-Oliver Rödel. “That shows how little we know about the biology of even the most spectacular creatures on the planet.”

there are endangered frogs in The stocks of Goliath, however. According to the scientist, they went back in the last ten years by about half – because of deforestation in the rain forest and hunting. On the unusual breeding of the giant frogs behavior, the researchers hunters made carefully. You Fall the grown frogs and eat them as a delicacy. With their study, the scientists want to contribute to a better protection of the frogs.

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