according to surveys, the Greens are, with 27 percent currently the strongest political force in Germany. This was the result of both the Institute Forsa in on Saturday published RTL/n-tv”trend barometer”, as well as the weekly for the “picture on Sunday” collected Sunday trend by the opinion research Institute Emnid. On the second place, the CDU/CSU follows with 24 percent and 25 percent. The third largest party, the AfD, with 13 per cent in both cases.

In the Forsa poll, the SPD, with only eleven percent (minus one) on the fourth place. For the liberals, nine per cent predicted (minus one) are per cent, for the left party, unchanged in eight. Computer would be possible, as the only two Alliance for a green-black coalition. For the survey respondents Forsa from Tuesday to Friday, in 2001, entitled to vote. The error tolerance was specified with a plus/minus 2.5 percentage points.

Green party leader

The height of the flight of the Robert Habeck – can be a Green Chancellor?

Why not? Robert Habeck, the role of the Challenger to come after the Triumph of his party in the European elections inevitably. Because the Greens are on the way to the second political force in Germany, at least.

students choose Green

Clearly, the survey values in the group of students from fall accordingly. Here, the Green can reach a 51 percent absolute majority. It is the CDU/CSU follows with ten percent before the FDP and the left party, each with nine percent and the SPD on the fifth place with eight percent. At the same time, 59 percent said of the respondents overall, but you would “regret personally, if the SPD would disappear into irrelevance”. 36 per cent of this would matter. Also, 70 percent of the Green supporters, and 66 percent of the Union’s supporters deplore, therefore, the decline of the SPD.

The Emnid Sunday trend, the social Democrats remain at twelve percent. Without changes, the FDP remains with eight percent. Gains may keep a record of the Left, which comes with a Plus of one percentage point to eight percent. The opinion research Institute surveyed over the period of 6. to 12. June 2377 People.

Green leaders

The 20-percent-Team: Baerbock, Habeck and her revolutionary concept of party leadership

Nina Poelchau Robert Habeck request the Registrar

is Also in the Chancellor question survey for the “BamS are, according to a representative Emnid-” the Green at the front. The Germans could choose the Chancellor directly, and would, therefore, 51 percent for the Green-chief Robert Habeck decide, only 24 per cent for the CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. For the survey respondents Emnid on Thursday 504 people.