Germany continues its participation in the EU naval mission Sophia to combat human Trafficking networks in the Mediterranean. According to dpa-information will be sent after the deployment of the frigate “Augsburg” first of all, no other ship in the German army prior to the Libyan coast.

The Operation had been launched during the refugee crisis in 2015, in the meantime, the training of the Libyan coast guard as a task has been added. The Operation, Sophia is also supposed to help to prevent illegal arms shipments in the crisis state in Libya, where rival militias fighting for Power. From the coast of Libya, each year thousands of migrants, often in unseaworthy boats on the way to Europe.

At the edge of the inserts need to be saved, therefore, people from distress. So far, there were, according to the Bundeswehr more than 49,000. They were brought according to the rules of 2015 decided to use so far, all to Italy.

According to the Bundeswehr the clues to direct the arrest of more than 140 Schleuserei-have, since the beginning of the Mission, Suspect by Italian authorities. Units of the Association have been destroyed since 2015, in addition, more than 400 of Smugglers used boats.

The vessels are authorised, in international waters, the boats stop and search. You can be seized and redirected, Suspect on Board a war ship and taken to a member state of the EU to pass.

The Operation is named after a Somali girl, in August 2015 on Board of the frigate “Schleswig-Holstein” came into the world.