Germany has granted to 2018 in a European comparison, by far the most common for asylum or other protective status. A good 40 percent of the positive decisions had been taken in the past year in the Federal Republic of Germany, informed the EU statistics Agency Eurostat.

around 139.600 of almost 333.400. It Italy (47.900) and France (41.400). The rate of positive decisions was not in Germany, however, by far the highest. In the Federal Republic of Germany, it was in the first instance, at 42 percent. Portugal, Luxembourg, or Ireland, destined to result in between 60 and 85 percent of the applications. At least the Chance for a positive asylum decision in Poland (14 per cent) or the Czech Republic (11).

In the previous year, had issued Germany with 325.400 much more positive assessments. This was 2017, a share of 60 per cent of positive decisions.

in the EU, the number of new recognitions of Protection went back in comparison to the previous year and fell by almost 40 percent. The most positive assessments were given to Syrians (96.100), Afghans (53.500) and Iraqis (around 24,600). 70 percent of the Syrians received their protection status in Germany.