On the 14. February 2018 has shot and killed a 19-Year-old in a school in a Parkland of 17 people. The school massacre in Florida has the world taken care of for dismay, and, once again, a debate for stricter gun laws in the United States ignited.

At the 13. In February, shortly before the anniversary of the shots, to decide, in the house of representatives over a bill that provides for stricter Checks of weapons purchasers requires. It is unlikely that it creates the law through the Republican-dominated Senate. This is due to the strong gun lobby in the United States.

Why are the gun laws in the United States is perceived as too lax? In short: Almost every American can buy a firearm within the shortest possible time. This is particularly in comparison with the strict regulations in Germany. The regulations are very complex. A simplified Overview:

for example, Germany regulates the possession of weapons

those Who want to lead have in Germany a weapon and/or, must meet a number of criteria, and powers. These are regulated in the weapons law (weapons act) , which distinguishes, basically, between the possession of a weapon, and the management of a weapon outside of their own four walls.

a possession of Weapons , Small weapons license or (Big) firearms license is Required in any case . The acquisition must be met, in General, five conditions, respectively, demonstrated:

The requirements for a permit (section 4 of the weapons act): the age of majority (18 years), insurance against civil liability in the amount of 1 Million Euro, as well as all of the below mentioned points.The weapons of legal reliability (§ 5 of the weapons act): No findings about the unreliability of the weapons handling close – for example, that the applicant has intentionally committed a crime. The personal Aptitude (Section 6 of the weapons act): It is about must not have alcohol or drugs addiction.The required expertise (section 7 of the weapons act): knowledge of proof by taking an exam in an authorised institution or, in the context of an education – about the hunter exam.The need (section 8 of the weapons act): from economic interest (for example, because the applicant is a hunter, sport shooter or guard is an entrepreneur) or in the case of danger to one’s own Person.

Depending on the desired power, the requirements are more stringent. It is about psychological assessments would be regular checks are carried out, and even with the permission to have a gun in the Public, continue to apply restrictions when Wearing it. About events and festivals.

duty is in addition to the safe storage of a weapon. Anyone who violates the storage required – because he has kept the weapons so that they can be stolen by others or being abused risked a custodial sentence of up to three years. Who kept his weapons in the own four walls, the number of unannounced visits .

Just a warning shot, irritant gas – and signal weapons is allowed to have in Germany, everyone who is of full age (i.e. 18 years old). With an emphasis on:. Because to be able to one of these three guns in Public, it is necessary to use the Small weapons license.

the United States regulate the possession of weapons

Also in the US, regulations such as the minimum age, particularly between the Federal States differ. Citizens in Virginia is even allowed to sell the guns to each other without Background Check and without papers. In New York, for part of all types of weapons were banned.

However, two factors are holding the rule as the “New York Times” in a country overview for the weapons purchase.

Background Check . Here, the applicant has to fill a form with personal information. This is conveyed by the seller to the FBI, where the data are in turn matched with a database. This process can take a few minutes. There are no abnormalities, such as a drug addiction or crime – is the purchase of a weapon is actually nothing in the way. the the payment for The gun .

that was That.

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