Due to the high nitrate load in waters must re-sharpening of Germany until 2017, adopted new fertilizer rules to pressure from the EU.

To communicated the planned Changes to the Federal government, the EU Commission also set out a timetable, according to which a draft should be available by the end of February. In may 2020, the stricter rules will come into force. The communication from the Federal government to the Commission by the Thursday before the German press Agency. In addition to nationwide more stringent requirements on the countries to get more room for their own actions.

last June, the European court of justice found that Germany had for years done too little to combat excessive nitrate levels in the groundwater. The judgment referred to, however, older rules. Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) had announced after talks with the EU. Data about how the 2017 amended fertilizer effect is real in practice, are not yet known, and critics held the targets, but always too weak. On Thursday, agriculture had expressed to the Secretary of state Hermann Onko Aeikens already in “Germany funk” to the Sharpening.

The Nitrate contamination in the groundwater in Germany is in many Places above the EU limit value. Nitrate is mainly about the organic fertilizer from agriculture, such as manure, into the water. There is conducive to high nitrate levels excessive growth of algae and other plants. The removal of dead plants consumes much oxygen, which die a fish and a “tipping” of the entire Ecosystem.