survivors of the crash, with 150 dead in their suit to a higher pain money now the Lufthansa group directly into the visor. Since 2017 claims almost 200 members from 42 deaths in the district court of Essen.

The action was brought so far against a flight school in the Germanwings-parent company Lufthansa in the USA, the Copilot of the plane was formed.

by the end of 2018, the action had been extended now, as the bereaved lawyer Elmar Giemulla said. It was directed now against the Deutsche Lufthansa AG. On Monday, a court spokesman confirmed the receipt of the claim extension. The West German radio reported about it.

The investigators, according to the mentally ill Copilot to the Airbus on the 24. March 2015 intentionally against a mountain in the French Alps have controlled. All 150 people on Board died. His training at the flight school had been able to quit the Copilot due to a severe Depression only with a special permit. The plaintiffs are suing the flight school failures.

The Lufthansa had done after the disaster payments. These are, according to the lawsuit the survivors, but too low. According to earlier information of the airline, next of kin received per Person EUR 10 000 for Pain and suffering. According to the Berlin lawyer, Elmar Giemulla, the members complain on the payment of a further 30 000 Euro. For every fatality, the relatives of the deceased will also receive € 25 000 so-called inheritable pain money. Here are the Lufthansa to pay an additional 25 000 euros per victim.

“We don’t want to let Lufthansa off the hook, and you’ve added as a defendant before the limitation period on 1. January, 2019 would have expired,” said Giemulla the German press Agency. The period includes the year of the disaster, plus a further three years. Lufthansa has rejected, according to Giemulla a comparison yet.

The airline would not comment on the dpa request on Monday with reference to the ongoing procedure.

A Pain and suffering lawsuit had already been in 2016 in Arizona at the headquarters of the flight school, “the Airline Training Center Arizona” (ATCA). There, she was rejected with the note, to apply to a German court. If the German judicial rejection, to the U.S. judges look at the case again.

Giemulla demands of the flight school files for inspection. He wants to hear also in the US, witnesses to prove negligence. The overall concern of the survivors is in addition to the Pain and suffering that will enlightened, “where in the world group of the mentally ill Copilot through the control network has fallen,” said the lawyer.


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