A majority of the Federal citizens of the United States, according to a new survey, the biggest threat to world peace. The 56 percent of respondents in a survey conducted by the centre for strategy and higher leadership on the topic of security.

The second-highest source of danger situate the people, therefore, in North Korea (45 percent), followed by Turkey (42 percent) and Russia (41 percent). Also, a clear majority (62 per cent), the behaviour of certain heads of state, as the biggest risk for the stability of the world – even before the military conflict (52 per cent) and climate change (43 percent).

Overall, it is the personal feeling of safety of the people in Germany, but in the years since 2016, as Renate Köcher from the Institute for demo copy explained all of the Bach at the presentation of the “safety report, 2019” in Berlin. The “worry level of the population” – for example, in the case of fear of loss of income, theft, or Terror – have “formed a steep back”. The had been previously identified. However, these feelings and developments, “volatile”, in the case of a large attack in Germany could change the situation quickly. Also, with a view to Fears of crime by refugees and the difficulties involved in their Integration, the mood was no longer as tense as before two to three years, explained quiver. But that too could change quickly.

Personally, people feel according to the study, most of the need for care in old age and dementia, was threatened with a 40 percent claimed to have a great deal of Worry in front of it. Slightly more than one third of old-age poverty and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, sees itself threatened. Accordingly, a clear majority wants the government spends in this respect and more money – specifically for the healthcare sector (70 percent), for the support of families (69 percent) and pensions (65 per cent). Also in the field of education, three out of four people want a better equipment of schools.

A majority sees more need for investment in police equipment, environmental protection, the preservation and Expansion of roads and railway lines, as well as public facilities such as swimming pools and libraries.

Approximately one-third of respondents finally, he felt at his place less secure than five years ago. People in the East felt itself more insecure than people in the West. Almost three out of ten people (28 per cent) – despite a decreasing trend – Worry about terrorist attacks.