Explosive Surprise: A German grenade from the First world war, arrived with a shipload of French potatoes in a chip factory in Hong Kong. The missile was discovered in the plant of the Snack manufacturer Calbee and a short time later, explosives experts rendered harmless, the police announced on Saturday. Video recordings of the police showed how the grenade sunk into a water channel at the factory and then was blown up.

More than a hundred years after the end of the war, the eight inches of width and about one Kilo heavy grenade was not particularly stable, such as the police President Wilfred Wong Ho Hon said to journalists. She had been detonated in the war, but did not explode. The history of the projectile, according to Wong only known for sure that it was put together with the French potato cargo to Hong Kong.

hand-grenade with the potato harvest to Hong Kong

shipped to The military historian Dave Macri of the University of Hong Kong was assumed that the grenade during the war in the trenches of France, was left behind, either accidentally or after ignition. “The trench was then filled and arable use,” he told the newspaper “South China Morning Post”. The explosive device was now harvest, together with the potato again come to light, and to Hong Kong have been shipped.

In Hong Kong to defuse explosives experts ‘ historical floors. Most of the time it is, however, bombs from the Second world war, which dropped the US army on the Japanese-occupied city.

fin / AFP