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world war grenade in the chip factory flood of the century ‘ is found (11.49 a.m.)on Australia’s North-East (10.05 PM) EU is to shorten the duration of personal bankruptcies in three years (7.45 PM)Maas does not expect the departure of the British from Brexit (7.24 PM)Guaidó will lead to rapid decision-making in Venezuela power struggle (6: 00)

All the News from Sunday, 3. February 2019 in the star-Ticker:

+++ 11.49 a.m.: world war II grenade in a chip factory found +++

A German grenade from the First world war, arrived with a shipload of French potatoes in a chip factory in Hong Kong. There, the basement was discovered on Saturday, and before the place of explosives experts defused, the police announced. Video recordings of the police showed how the eight inches of width and about one Kilo heavy grenade of the experts in the factory are harmless was made. More than a hundred years after the end of the war, the grenade was not particularly stable, such as the police President Wilfred Wong Ho-hon, said to journalists. She had been detonated in the war, but did not explode. The history of the projectile, according to Wong only known for sure that she was brought together with the French potato cargo to Hong Kong.

The military historian Dave Macri of the University of Hong Kong was assumed that the grenade during the war in the trenches of France, was left behind, either accidentally or after ignition. “The trench was then filled and arable use,” he told the newspaper “South China Morning Post”. The explosive device was now harvest, together with the potato again come to light, and to Hong Kong have been shipped. Hong Kong-explosives expert to defuse them again and again, historical projectiles. Most of the time it is, however, bombs from the Second world war, which dropped the US army on the Japanese-occupied city.

+++ 11.12 PM: Three-quarters of Germans want to hold on to grades in school +++

A clear majority of Germans want to hold a survey on school grades. In the survey conducted by the opinion research Institute Emnid for the “Bild am Sonntag”, 75 percent for the retention of censorship. Only 18 percent preferred a assessment in text form. For the survey respondents Emnid last Thursday 503 representatively selected citizens. Background plans in black-and-green-governed state of Hesse, to leave the schools in the province in the future the decision, whether students grades or written evaluations will be issued. Hesse greens have demanded in their election programme written reviews.

The education expert of the Green group in the Bundestag, Margit Stumpp, welcomed the Hessian advance. “One-dimensional notes is not a statement about potential, or Motivation,” said Stumpp, the “picture on Sunday”. “Written assessments allow for a more differentiated picture of performance and development.” In contrast, Schleswig-Holstein Minister of education, Karin Prien (CDU) is well-known to the touch system. “I think it is important that the students know what they can do already and where you still need more practise,” said the Kiel Minister. “For the parents of the grades are a guiding framework, many claim.”

+++ 10.05 PM: flood of the century comes to Australia’s North-East threatens +++

In the North-East of Australia, a flood of the century: Heavy rain turned Parts of the state of Queensland streets in torrents, thousands of people had to leave on Sunday, their houses flooded and there was no end in sight: The torrential rain could go on for several days. In some regions, two meters fell within a few days of rain – normally this is the amount of rain a year.

Queensland’s Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said it was a “event, as it occurs only once every hundred years”. Alone in the city of Townsville 20,000 homes from Flooding were threatened, and thousands were without electricity. “The quantities of water are just unbelievable,” said residents of Chris Brooke house ABC. “Our basement is gone, the fridge and the freezer are floating in the water.” The water should rise in five to six steps, was also flooded the floor. The tropical North East of Australia is this time of year is always very rainy. This year, the rain masses are very large: the reason of a monsoon low-pressure area is that only very slowly moving and large amounts of precipitation. The Australian weather authority went out on Sunday that the rains could continue for three days.

+++ 9.59 am: – shy municipalities, calls for a legal resistance against driving bans +++

the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has called on local communities to fight back against court-ordered driving bans. “The court rulings are based on the clean air plans of past years,” said Scheuer, the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday edition). “I advise the municipalities and countries, to put up with all the legal funds to defend.”

The countries affected and the local authorities would have to explain, “what are the measures to keep the air clean in the meantime, have taken, such as the retrofitting of Diesel buses in the public transport and how this affects the air quality improves,” said Scheuer. In a city like Stuttgart, there is a driving ban because they have not exhausted all the legal possibilities.

The Minister of transport expressed the hope that most of the imposed driving bans do not occur at all in power and the rest will be released soon. In many German cities at the EU level, as laid down by law, applicable nitrogen oxide limits are exceeded. Therefore, bans on Diesel threaten driving, in some cities, you are on each of the streets in force. This generates great Controversy.

+++ 9.52 PM: Colombian army kills ten fighters, a splinter group of the Farc Guerilla +++

The Colombian army according to the government, ten fighters, a splinter group of the dissolved Farc guerrillas killed. In the case of a use by special forces of the military and the police in the district of Caquetá in the South of the country for many years, the Farc had been leader Rodrigo Cadete killed, said the Colombian Verteidigung Minister Guillermo Botero on Saturday. Several other fighters had been captured. The battles in the Region continued, according to Botero.

Around 1200 Renegade reject the 2016 between the Farc and the Colombian government dealt with the peace agreement. Unlike the Farc, the put down their weapons and became a political party under the same name, you fight still. According to the poor information you need to Finance, particularly through the drug trade.

+++ 9.42 PM: Union and SPD beat Ostverlegung Russian cruise missiles before +++

deputies of the CDU and the SPD want to ban with a new proposal to Russia, and the United States, the risk of a nuclear arms race in Europe. The CDU parliamentarian Roderich Kiesewetter, and the SPD-Deputy Rolf Mützenich suggested in the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper” that Russia has moved his controversial new cruise missiles of the type SSC-8 so far to the East, that they can no longer reach Europe.

In return, the United States should open its own launch facilities in Europe for Russian inspections, proposed gravel weather and mützenich. This relates to the start-up ramps for defensive interceptor missiles in Romania and in the future also in Poland. Of these, Russia claims, they could also be used for offensive weapons.

Mützenich said, a control range for these U.S. facilities will create a “trust Basis” for new arms control negotiations. At the same time, the installation of the Russian missiles to the East had to be secured by a “rigorous and continuous verification regime,” said Kiesewetter. It should be”, in a sense, next to each weapon is a permanent observer”. The Russian side did not allow effective inspections. Kiesewetter is the Chairman of the Union in the foreign Affairs Committee, Mützenich, Deputy Chairman of the SPD parliamentary group.

+++ 9.33 PM: at Least six people in a train accident in India +++

In India, died in a train accident at least six people were killed. 24 other people were injured when the Express train to Delhi derailed early Sunday morning in the Eastern state of Bihar, said a spokesman for the news Agency AFP. The accident occurred at about 04.00 PM (local time, 23: 30 on Saturday GMT). Most of the passengers were asleep at the time.

recordings of local TV channel showed a large crowd at the scene of the accident about 30 kilometers from the capital of the Federal state, Patna. Rescuers searched with sniffer dogs in the overturned wagons. According to the Indian railway, the train derailed because of damage to the tracks. The railway announced an investigation into the incident. The railway Ministry promised the families of the deceased a compensation of 500,000 rupees (about 6000 Euro).

+++ 7.45 PM: EU wants a life of personal bankruptcies in three years, shorten +++

The least consumers after Bankruptcy to restart prematurely after three years. That could change now. The EU is to shorten the term of private insolvencies. This is, in certain cases, in Germany is possible. However, legal experts are from the point of view of Insolvency, the barriers for the most high. According to data from the economic Crif Bürgel Agency 5.8 percent of the Affected managed to last, including formerly self-employed section, a premature fault.

Who put in three years at least 35 per cent of the creditors ‘ claims, as well as the costs of the proceedings for the court and the insolvency administrator, in advance of the rest of debt free. According to the calculations of Crif Bürgel could start since the entry into force of the Reform in the summer of 2014, a total of 7.4 percent of the Affected after three years to be debt free. Finally, there were still 5.8 percent. The Agency evaluated data from the district courts. The regular term of a private insolvency in Germany is six years.

That could change now. The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission agreed recently on a reduction to three years. The policy should be available in the summer. “You should quickly be implemented into German law,” said Kai Henning, specialist lawyer for insolvency law. “The Directive provides that the debtor must be able to reach within three years of a debt relief. The previous German legislation is so can’t stay.”

+++ 7.24 PM: Maas does not expect any departure of the British from the Brexit +++

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) expected that the UK’s exit from the EU, but still turn away. It would be him “most of all” if the British remained in the EU, said the SPD politicians, the Newspapers of the Funke media group. The Europeans should make but “no illusions”. “The probability of an exit from a Brexit is extremely low.” The of London demanded renegotiations on the outlet conditions from the castle of the Meuse. “If the British Brexit apply to Unger, our offer on the table,” said Maas. “We have a fair Brexit agreement.” This Treaty is already a compromise, particularly with regard to the arrangements for the border between British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland. “It must not come to a hard border with the Republic of Ireland. We can’t risk the Northern Ireland flares up the conflict again,” warned the foreign Minister.

+++ 6.55 PM: Australia wants. last refugee children from internment camps +++

Australia’s government to get announced to get the last remaining children out of their controversial detention camp for refugees on the Pacific island of Nauru The four Minors are to be served with their families in the United States, as the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, immigration Minister David Coleman on Sunday announced.

Australia is because of its tough immigration policy international criticism. Since 2013, changing the Prime Minister of the conservative government on Nauru and Papua new Guinea belonging to the island of Manus boat refugees have been housed. Some are stuck for years in there – under the conditions, the Doctors and Refugee workers, as people unlawfully denounce.

Alone of 220 children have lived since 2013 on Nauru their existence. Due to massive protests in the population, the government was last year forced to pick up all the Minors of the small island. As the Ex-immigration Minister Morrison took over at the end of August, the office of the Prime Minister, there were 120 children interned.

+++ 6 PM: Guaidó want rapid decision-making in Venezuela power struggle lead (ZF) +++

The Opposition in Venezuela is reaching for the Power. Tens Of Thousands Demonstranten followed on Saturday in a protest calling for the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó. This announced this month a decision in the power struggle with the left-nationalist President Nicolás Maduro are looking for. Also, Maduro held a large rally. On Sunday an Ultimatum expires in several EU States to him: you might recognize Guaidó as President.

Maduro announced before his followers a new elections to the Parliament later this year. Thus he fulfilled the demand of the Opposition and the EU: These demand immediate new elections for President. The current Parliament is controlled by the Opposition, Guaidó the President of Parliament. Germany and several other European countries have given Maduro to Sunday, time to call new elections for the presidency. Otherwise, also want to acknowledge you Guaidó as interim head of state. The Pro-government Venezuelan TV channel Telesur accused the EU on Saturday evening, an “interventionist attitude”.

Both Maduro as well as Guaidó had called its supporters Saturday to mass rallies in Caracas. The demonstrations took place at the same time in about ten kilometres distance. Between cases initially were not known.

+++ 5.15 PM: Loveparade-process: Prosecutor’s comment on the planned setting +++

In the Loveparade-the process is to give the Prosecutor’s office this Tuesday to the proposal for a discontinuation of the proceedings. The court had suggested in mid-January, the trial against seven accused, without, against three defendants with money circulation. According to the previous history of the individual guilt of the accused was to be regarded as a low or at most moderate in severity, it had established its foray.

A defendant has already stated that he is opposed to this. For him, only a conviction, an acquittal, or an adjustment due to Statute of limitations would come into question. He “wanted to resign for a “quick end” to the determination of his innocence, waived,” said the lawyer. He should stick to it, the process in each of the case against him.

+++ 5.01 PM: Pacific Kingdom of Tonga after two weeks of forced break back online +++

The approximately 110,000 residents of the small South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga after two weeks of forced break finally again have access to the Internet. The country was practically cut off completely from the global network, after the only submarine was ripped of fiber-optic cable two weeks ago for unknown reasons. On Saturday, the repair was completed successfully. “We had two pretty quiet weeks,” said government spokesman Lopeti Senituli. “People now get all the gossip and their businesses.”

The Internet Blackout has hit the island nation in the South Pacific is economically hard. Thus, banks have the important money transfers from Tonganern abroad to their families at home, unwinding, said the President of the Tonga chamber of Commerce, Paula Taumoepeau. Also other sectors of the economy – for example, Internet orders or reservations for the all-important tourism industry – were lame. “There were significant disruptions,” said Taumoepeau. “We hope that from Monday onwards, everything runs normal.”

The Connections to the outside world ran in the past two weeks, especially on a limited satellite service. He made sure the phone connections to foreign countries and the settlement of credit card payments. Of Tonga was offline.

crack Why is it the only fiber-optic cable to Tonga, was not yet clarified. It is believed that a ship with a on the sea floor, bow anchor might have cut the cable accidentally.

All News of Saturday, 2. February 2019 in the star-Ticker:

+++ 21.40 PM: meteorite strikes on Cuba is a +++

In Cuba, a small meteorite struck in a populated area. The celestial body arrived on Friday in a number of fragments fragmented in the Western province of Pinar del Río from the sky, such as the Cuban science, confirmed the Ministry. The largest discovered Fragment had a diameter of eleven inches tall. About the damage caused has not been reported by the official side.

It was immediately prior to the meteorite impact in the sky was a fire ball with a condensation plume is observed, followed by a powerful Explosion, the report says. After the first studies of the meteorite consisted of Nickel, iron, and magnesium silicate. Inhabitants of the neighboring province of Matanzas reported to have about the same time saw a ball of fire crashed into the Caribbean sea.

+++ 21.23 PM: tens of thousands of Serbs protest against President Vucic +++

tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in Belgrade and other Serbian cities in the ninth Saturday in a row against the President, Aleksandar Vucic. In the protests in the capital, also a number of students took part. Even after two months, the concrete political goals of the protesters, from the left to the far right remain rather unspecific. In the centre of the fight against corruption, a new legal framework for fair elections and an end to state control of many media. Had triggered the protests the brutal attack on a left-wing opposition politicians last November in the South of the country. The perpetrators are unknown until today.

+++ 20.55 PM: USA call of the Venezuela army to support Guaidós +++

The National security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, has called on the Venezuelan military, the controversial head of state, Nicolás Maduro, and the self-proclaimed to support President Juan Guaidó. Bolton said in the short message service Twitter, the United States called on all army personnel to follow the example of the Venezuelan air force generals Francisco Yánez. This had been on Saturday as so far, the highest-ranking military representatives against Maduro.

+++ 20.29 PM: One dead and two injured in avalanche in the French Alps +++

In an avalanche in the French Alps, a man is killed. Two people were slightly injured, informed the rescue workers. The avalanche had occurred, therefore, in the afternoon, in the Savoy region, the snow masses were deposited on the outside of a slope of the ski resort Val Cenis, and buried about a dozen skiers. The identity of the victim’s and the injured. The other buried skiers were without prejudice to have been pulled out of the snow, it said.

+++ 19.58 PM: 286 Catholic priest in Texas of sexual Assault accused +++

in the U.S. state of Texas, hundreds of Catholic priests to be sexual Assault Children accused of. The alleged acts date back to the 1940s. The Archbishop of Houston cardinal Daniel DiNardo said in a statement issued by “a serious crisis of the Church”.

“This wound was ripped in our Church and we need to heal,” in the opinion of the Archbishop, who is also the Chairman of the U.S. bishops ‘ conference. The “New York Times” had reported on Friday that 286 priests from 14 dioceses in Texas credibly accused. Some of the alleged perpetrators have already died, most of them are already been active for many years in the priesthood.

+++ 19.50 PM: Maduro for early parliamentary election in Venezuela yet, 2019 +++

pronounced Venezuela’s controversial head of state, Nicolás Maduro has opted for an early parliamentary election this year. On the Agenda of the constituent Assembly, a test that is preferable, actually, for 2020, the proposed General election standing, and he was thus the “I agree”, said Maduro in Caracas, in front of his followers. In Parliament, the Opposition has to Say, Parliament’s President Juan Guaidó had on 23. January, the interim head of state declared