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Nato Secretary General: no new nuclear missiles in Europe (21.42 PM), migrants ‘ Remittances to Mexico, a record amount (20.31 hours), and 75 years Ago submerged U-boat, close to the Turkish coast found again (17: 03)actress Ursula Karusseit is dead (15.58 PM)USA terminate the INF Treaty with Russia (14.43 PM)

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+++ 22.05 PM: Italy’s strong man Salvini in Uniform +++

The Italian interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini is wearing in his public appearances like uniforms of the police, fire brigade or civil protection. However, this preference of the Chairman of the ultra-right Northern League party is not at all good – especially since the dictator Benito Mussolini uniforms intoxicated.

appropriate criticism of the Opposition but the way responded to his art. In the civil he is to be seen almost at all – even at the risk of violating the law. He performed in Sardinia with a Uniform in the rank of captain, he has. And this week, he entered the Parliament in a police jacket, although the forces of order are not allowed normally. But Salvini wants to bring his appreciation for the custodians of law and order.

+++ 21.42 PM: Nato Secretary General Stoltenberg: no new nuclear missiles in Europe +++

kidney, Nato, in the words of Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is not the intention of new nuclear missiles in Europe to deploy. Background of the withdrawal of the USA from the important INF disarmament agreements and the accusation that Russia violated this Treaty with new nuclear missiles. “We don’t have to reflect what Russia is doing, and we have no intention to deploy new nuclear weapons, ground-based type based in Europe. But we have many other possible options that we look at,” said Mr Stoltenberg in the “Today Journal” of the ZDF.