Turkish Navy divers have found according to media reports, a around 75 years ago submerged German U-boat. The discovery of a bizarre Chapter of the Second world war resurgence: The broadcaster TRT and the state-run Anadolu news Agency, according to the U-23 one of a plurality of U-boats in the 1940s, in a single on highways, the North-Baltic sea canal, the Elbe and the Danube to Romania.

This happened, among other things, because of shipping routes, such as the Turkish Bosphorus Strait were blocked, such as Anadolu reported on Thursday. The Turkey was in the Second world war until the beginning of 1945-neutral.

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How a 30-year-old U-boat and a US carrier group sunk

Gernot Kramper

In the Black sea, the composite U-23 as part of the newly established 30. U-boat half-flotilla against Soviet ships. Some of the boats – the U-23 was sunk in 1944 on the orders of Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz of their captains.

the captain described the sinking in the diary,

TRT reported that the captain of the boat had been notified. It is the 1923-born German armed forces-rear Admiral a. D., Rudolf Arendt, who was then 22 years old. Arendt told Sink in an autobiographical book – “the Last command” – from his time in the Navy and with the U-23. Some on Friday from the Foundation of the German marine Museum the provided pages of the book signs of the last days of the U-boat.

Arendt, there are, for example, the injection command to the flotilla by Dönitz, the preparations for the cloaked land the team in Turkey, and the blowing up of the boat. He also describes how the location for the sinking of the 40-Meter-long U-23 in front of the Turkish coast was chosen.

Accordingly, the U-23 went on the 10. In September 1944, where it was discovered 75 years later, on Thursday, after four years of search. TRT and Anadolu, according to the U-23 was in front of Agva in the North-East of Istanbul.

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