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German snowboarder in Austria suffered a fatal accident (17.21 p.m.)Berlin: IS-flag in the vicinity of the damaged overhead line (16.50)media attack on Libyan Ministry of foreign Affairs (10.30 am), the number of dead after Tsunami in Indonesia rises to 429 (7.45 PM)violated German in cable car accident in Bogotá (4.53 PM)

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+++ 17.21 PM: a German snowboarder in Austria, the fatal accident came +++

A 33-year-old snowboarder from Bavaria in the Austrian Obergurgl killed. The woman solved according to the Alpine police on a Tour with your brother in a non-secure site of around 2500 meters, a 400-Meter-wide snow Board above the sea level. While the brother was able to drive to the side out of the danger zone, and was buried the 33-Year-old. The forces were able to recover after about 35 minutes in a half a Meter deep, only dead. In the field cases, prevailed after heavy Snow considerable avalanche danger.

+++ 17 o’clock: a politician-married couple, dies in helicopter crash +++

two well-known politicians in the country have come In a helicopter crash in Mexico killed. His thoughts were Valle with the family of the Governor of the state of Puebla, Martha Érika Alonso, and her husband, Senator Rafael Moreno, wrote to the President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Monday evening (local time) on Twitter. He’ll take over the obligation to investigate the background to the crash, said the left politician. The helicopter had crashed, according to the newspaper “Milenio” in the municipality of Coronango in the state of Puebla. In addition to the couple, the Pilot and Co-Pilot of the helicopter, as well as an assistant of a Senator is killed. Alonso had only taken over in mid-December, the office of the Governor. Her husband held the office until January 2017. Both belonged to the conservative PAN party.

+++ 16.50 PM: Berlin: IS-flag in the vicinity of a damaged overhead line +++

In a Regio – and debit-path in Berlin-Karlshorst, the police to damage to a railway overhead contact line to ensure an IS flag as well as documents in Arabic language. Is determined, the extent to which the secured objects are associated with the damage to the overhead line in connection, police said on Tuesday. On Tuesday morning, the police had investigated the claims to the area on the route in the direction of Frankfurt (Oder). There is a cracked retaining cable and a damaged power cable had been discovered on Sunday. According to police, the new tracks have been sought and secured.

First of all, the “B. reported, for example,” (online), in the vicinity of the damaged overhead line approximately 60 leaflets were found, with Arabic characters, and an ISIS flag. Also a litter of anchor should be found accordingly. The state protection is presumed to be a political Background, the police announced on Monday. There is a suspicion of dangerous interference in rail transport.

+++ 16.15: yellow West also demonstrate to the holidays, more +++

Despite a decline in the “yellow West”-protests in France before Christmas, dozens of protesters from the movement have also been on holidays on the roads throughout the country persevered. “The more he is crushing us, the more people will be here, all the more United with each other,” said the protester, Christophe Damiens, with other Protesters at a roundabout in the Northern French city of Somain gathered, with a view to the President of Emmanuel Macron. “What brings us all together, is to fight that we are tired of it,” said the 38-year-old Alexandre, who, along with his wife and children at the protest action in Somain part.

+++ 14.45 PM: Prince Philip is missing the Christmas Church service, the Royals +++

The 97-year-old Prince Philip and Duchess Camilla have been missing on Tuesday at the Christmas service of the Royals in the English Sandringham. The husband of Queen Elizabeth II. (92) but according to information from the German press Agency. He wanted to spend the day, therefore, only in private with the family. The 71-year-old Camilla, wife of the heir to the throne, Charles, is always a cold still hard as a spokesman for their official residence, Clarence House said. She had to cancel, therefore, in the last few days already some dates.

+++ 12.30 PM: Christmas message of the Pope: diversity is wealth, no danger +++

Pope Francis has emphasized in his Christmas message on the importance of coexistence between people of different Nations, cultures and religions. “Our diversity does not harm us, ( … ), it does not mean danger; rather, it is a wealth,” said the Pontiff from the Loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica before Thousands of faithful in St Peter’s square.

The universal message of Christmas is that “we are all brothers and sisters”. “Without the Fraternity, which has given Jesus to us, to keep all of our efforts to achieve a fairer world in a short breath, and even the best of projects are likely to become soulless structures.”

In his Christmas message to the Catholics of upper expressed the hope for dialogue and peace between Israelis and Palestinians, a political solution in Syria and ceasefire in Yemen. Francis also addressed the conflicts between North and South Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua and the Ukraine. Then, the Pope donated the traditional “Urbi et Orbi”blessing.

+++ 12.05 PM: Abducted Bus stop in China in the pedestrian group – Five Dead +++

In the East of China, a hijacked Bus into a group of pedestrians raced. At least five people were killed and 21 more were injured, reported the state media. A with a knife-armed suspect has been arrested.

+++ 10.30 PM: eye-witnesses and the media reported attack on Libyan Ministry of foreign Affairs +++

Armed attackers have eye-witnesses and the media charged according to reports, on Tuesday, the Libyan foreign Ministry in Tripoli. The official television station in the Libyan unity government, reported, citing circles of the Foreign and interior ministries of several “terrorist attackers”. There was gunfire and at least an Explosion, the building eyes rose according to witnesses, smoke.

Since the fall of longtime Libyan ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011, the Chaos in the North African country. The internationally-recognized government is weak and has large parts of the country under control.

+++ 7.45 PM: number of dead after Tsunami in Indonesia rises to 429 +++

The number of dead in the Tsunami disaster in Indonesia has risen to 429. Almost 1500 people had been injured, 154 were missing, teiwith lten, the authorities on Tuesday. The Tsunami was broken on Saturday evening after a volcanic eruption without warning on coastal areas and tourist beaches on the Strait of Sunda. The tidal waves met in the South of Sumatra and in West Java in the country. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed.

Indonesia is frequently struck by catastrophic Tsunami waves home. These are usually caused by earthquakes under the sea floor. That they are triggered by volcanic eruptions, and landslides, is rather rare. Experts warned of further Tsunamis, as long as the current activity of the volcano stopping. Because this could lead to further landslides under the water.

+++ 5.17 PM: number of dead after attack in Kabul on 43 +++

rose After the attack on a government building in the Afghan capital, Kabul, the number of dead has risen to 43. Ten more people were injured, said a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of health on Tuesday. The attacker had attacked on Monday in Kabul, a site on which, among other things, a Ministry is located.

+++ 4.53 PM: German injured in cable car accident in Bogota – a Total of 25 injured +++

In a cable car accident in the Colombian capital Bogotá have been injured 25 people, including three German. According to the fire information a “brake apparently led error”, a gondola crashed at the mountain Cerro de Monserrate against a ramp, and a gondola. Among the 25 injured, 14 are foreigners. Were affected, among others, three German, and five U.S. citizens, three Brazilians, two Belgians and a Briton. The 3152 meters high Cerro de Monserrate is a popular tourism destination in Bogotá, and in particular in the Christmas season. In the past year, more than 2.6 million visitors came.

+++ 2.23 PM: In Turkey, imprisoned Austrians – from the cell to the police +++

A more than three months ago in Turkey arrested Austrian was released on Christmas eve, from the prison, and the same to the nearest police station. The 29-Year-old had to spend the night, as it documents with the official ban to only can be issued on Tuesday. The Austrian Agency APA reported on Tuesday night, citing foreign Ministry spokesman Peter Guschelbauer. Only then the man should come free.

A court in Ankara ordered on Monday the dismissal of the young man, as his lawyer, the German press confirmed Agency. However, he is not allowed to leave and had to report every week to the police. His client had to answer to allegations of membership of a terrorist organisation in court. Process kick-off was at 11. April.

+++ 1.40 PM: the man is in front of the White house, the pants down +++

a Political gesture or simply a crude joke? In front of the White house in Washington a man has dropped his pants down – and is promptly arrested. The man and four companions went in the night on Sunday photos in front of the headquarters of the US President, Donald Trump, the police announced now. Suddenly, the man turned to the White house, pulled his pants and under pants down and “part exposing his sex”. The man was arrested for exhibitionism. Information on his possible motive, the police are not made. It is highly unlikely that Trump of the incident, noticed anything. The President has, however, postponed due to the budget dispute his planned holiday trip to Florida, and is currently in Washington.

the messages from The 24. December

+++ 18.58 PM: 30 killed in attack in Afghan capital Kabul +++

have been killed In an attack on government buildings in the Afghan capital, Kabul, at least 26 civilians and one policeman. Three attackers had also been killed, said the interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi. Another 16 civilians and a police officer were wounded.

in Front of the Ministry of public works, was detonated on Monday afternoon (local time) a car bomb. After that, an unknown number of attackers to three stormed to the information Rahimis’ nearby government buildings. Of these, the attacker fired at other government buildings in the area.

in the Meantime had secured two of the three attacked buildings, said Rahimi. Whether there are still hostages in the third building are unclear. The area to the East of Kabul was sealed off in opposite directions.

+++ 17.42 PM: mount Etna volcano in Sicily again. + + +

In Sicily erupted, the volcano mount Etna has erupted again. A dark cloud of ash came from the volcano. At the airport of Catania it came to some disabilities, said the airport is on Twitter. Because of the activity of the volcano it had come since Monday morning to a swarm of quakes, said the National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV). In three hours, 130 shocks had been registered. Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It always comes back to smaller and larger eruptions.

+++ 17.02 PM: suspect in the case, Peggy free again +++

In the case of the murder of Peggy of the suspects, is free again. As prosecutors and police said, has repealed the district court of Bayreuth, the two weeks ago against the 41-Year-old adopted pursuant to a warrant. The man was released from custody.

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