A mother from Germany and her ten-year-old son are dead in a cave on the Spanish holiday island of Tenerife to be discovered. The little brother of the dead boy, a five-year-old, had told the police earlier of a brutal attack by the father. The cause and the circumstances of the deaths have yet to be determined, said a judicial spokesman said on Wednesday on request. We do not exclude that the father had something to do with the death of the woman and the older child.

The lifeless body of the since Tuesday as a reported missing Germans had been found on Wednesday against 16:30 clock in the mountainous Hinterland of the municipality of Adeje, informed the Guardia Civil. The father, also he, a German, was, according to police information already on Tuesday evening in his apartment in Adeje. The man did not cooperate, said the representative of the Madrid Ministry of the interior, on the Canary Islands, Juan Salvador León. At the time of his arrest, he had also been a fierce resistance.

Tenerife: 5-Year-old reported of the violence of the father

The younger child had been taken to the police details of passers-by, crying and in shock. The five-year-old had told the police that the father brought the whole family on Tuesday to the cave and both the mother and the two children brutally attacked, reported the online edition of the newspaper “El País”, referring to the competent authorities in the island’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The Small is managed according to its own data and then escape.

the search had participated on Wednesday, according to official data, more than 100 forces, the police, the fire brigade, civil protection and the emergency services in Tenerife. Also two helicopters were used.

father denies having a wife and child killed

In the police interrogation, the German rode the according to official figures, to be for the death of his wife and his ten year old son. He had insured, it was said that his wife and son were still alive when he left the hell. A police spokesman said on request, there is still “to clarify very much”.

where the family originates in Germany, remained open in the first place. The five year old who speaks no Spanish, had told the police that the father had already lived for some time fixed on the island of Tenerife and had been living in Germany at the end of family to visit regularly, said Adejes mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga in front of journalists. Against the detained man, no domestic violence charges would be available in Spain. The five-year-old will looked after by social workers and psychologists, it said.

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