German jihadists should lose their citizenship. The report of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ), WDR and NDR. According to the research Association the Confederation had auszubürgern agreed interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) to a solution that provides, jihadists, if three conditions were met.

The conditions, according to the “SZ”, WDR and NDR:

The jihadists would have to have a second nationality.You must be of legal age.And it will apparently be only an exile such terrorists, participating in Fighting – so not those that were already imprisoned. The regulation should not apply retroactively, writes “SZ”.Debate on the repatriation of IS-fighters

should be added to clause 28 of the nationality law, the newspaper said. The paragraph in the abbreviated wording:

“A German, and admission is on a voluntary obligation without the consent of the Ministry of defense (…) in the armed forces or a comparable armed Association of a foreign state whose nationality he possesses, loses the German nationality.”

According to Trump-demand

Federal government does not want a lump sum return of IS fighters

According to the “SZ” should the same apply in the future, when someone “takes for a terrorist militia to combat operations abroad”.

The state ministries of the interior should decide in each individual case a passport withdrawal, the newspaper writes. In this point, the Union would have prevailed, while the SPD would have to leave this decision to prefer dishes.

The project has already been agreed in outline in the coalition agreement between the CDU and the SPD, according to the “SZ” have the Regigung since 2014 with the Expatriation of IS-fighters. After a push by US President Donald Trump, the subject was again increasingly in the Public: Trump called on European countries, including Germany, captured IS fighters.

source: “Süddeutsche Zeitung”


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