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Supreme court ruling: No pain money because of prolonging life through artificial nutrition (10.28 PM)

Saudi Arabia pays Kashoggi children’s presents, apparently-million dollar compensation (5.12 PM)

Seehofer crime statistics (4.59 PM)

Significantly more fatal accidents with bicycles and Pedelecs (4.35 PM)

Update of the Boeing-737-Max-Software will take weeks (4.04 PM)

the USA from the delivery of Material for F-35 fighter jets to Turkey (0.05 PM)

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+++ 10.28 PM: BGH: No damages from a doctor for an artificially prolonged death +++

Physicians are not liable, in principle, with money, if you get a patient, for example through artificial nutrition longer than is medically useful life and thus his Suffering extend. It prohibits, as a General rule, a more life than damage, was the verdict of the Federal court of justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe dismissed a lawsuit for Pain and suffering from the cost rate in the name of a deceased dementia patients.

+++ 10.17 PM: Berlin polar bear is Hertha +++

enthusiasm for the balls she has shown already: Berlin’s polar bear girl has got the name of Hertha. Bundesliga club Hertha BSC has taken over the sponsorship for the polar bears offspring, such as the animal Park Director Andreas Knieriem said.

Hertha BSC had to come up with a Video as the godfather of the 1 December-born young animal advertised. In social media, the Club published in February, a Clip which is reminiscent of the beginning of the movie “the lion king”: Hertha mascot Herthinho, a brown bear, stretches in the Olympic stadium, a Mini-polar bear made of plush in the sky. “Hertha is a beautiful Name! Not true, the animal Park in Berlin?!”, it was.

10.16 PM: Palestinians in clashes with Israeli soldiers +++

killed In clashes between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers near Jerusalem, a Palestinian has been killed. According to the testimony and according to the Palestinian health Ministry in Ramallah on Tuesday, died of a 23-Year-old, three other Palestinians were injured. The witnesses reported of an attempt of the Israeli army to Kalandija in the West Bank, in the course of which it has come to the violent clashes.

+++ 10.15 PM: counselling centres for victims of right-wing violence register increase in violence in the East +++

The counselling centres for victims of right-wing violence have seen an increase in violence in the East of Germany registered. In comparison to the previous year, the number of the initiatives covered right violence rose last year to a total of about eight percent, such as the Association of Advisory centres (VBRG) in Berlin announced.

In Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, there was, therefore, 1212 attacks, right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic. Thus, at least five people have grown up in East Germany daily victims of right-wing violence. Under the 1789 directly Affected were also more than 250 children and young people.

+++ 10.05 PM: problems with drive: Singapore Airlines “Dreamliner” on the floor +++

In the case of Boeing’s Long haul aircraft 787 “Dreamliner,” the engines of the British manufacturer Rolls-Royce for problems. The airline Singapore Airlines allows two machines of the type due to premature wear of the engine blades for the time being on the ground, as announced on Tuesday. The company had investigated in consultation with Rolls-Royce to the machines of the series as a precaution in more detail. The two are now decommissioned Jets in the long version of the 787-10 will now get all-new powertrains.

+++ 09.38 PM: municipalities achieved in the last year, a Surplus of 9.8 billion euros +++

The German authorities have recorded in the past year, a Surplus of 9.8 billion euros. The Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden announced. Compared to the previous year, to 2017 this was a deterioration. At that time, she had shown a record surplus of 10.7 billion euros. The result of 2018, however, was far above the of the year 2016, when the Surplus had amounted to 5.4 billion euros.

+++ 09.15: wife of drug boss “El Chapo” wants to make a fashion under the name of her husband +++

The wife of Mexican drug Lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán wants to build under the name of her husband, a fashion brand. Emma Coronel, announced their projects to the online service Instagram: “I have a project for a fashion line. I want my and Joaquíns style advance,” wrote the 29-Year-old. Coronel called for its roughly 100,000 Followers in the network, to provide ideas for the proposed brand with the initials “JGL”. They have also asked interested designers to contact your solicitor in contact with her.

+++ 06.55 PM: Indonesia makes “dragon island” Komodo for a year +++

Indonesia wants to make his “dragon island” Komodo for a year, sealing. The island is East of Bali, where several thousand Komodo dragons are at home, remain all the year 2020, tourists locked, as the government in Jakarta announced. This is justified with the protection of rare animals, which are often also called “the last dragon of the world”. On Komodo island there is already a national Park. Last week, foiled an attempt to bring 41 lizards out of the country.

The animals are up to three meters long and more than 70 kilograms in weight. Due to their sinister appearance they are also called dragons Komodo. A total of about 5000 dragons are on the island home.

+++ 05.12 PM: Saudi Arabia pays Khashoggi-children, apparently, million-dollar compensation +++

Saudi Arabia, the children of the murdered journalists compensated to a media report, according to Jamal Khashoggi, with luxury villas and monthly payments. The “Washington Post” reported, each of the four children Khashoggis got a house in the Saudi Arabian coastal city of Jeddah in the value of up to four million dollars (3.6 million euros). The two sons and two daughters, would also receive a monthly minimum of $ 10,000.

The Saudi Arabian leadership would find a long-term Agreement with the family of the deceased government critic, according to “Washington Post”, for the Khashoggi had once written. In order to ensure, inter alia, that the family consider continuing with public Statements on the case back.

+++ 04.59 PM: Seehofer crime presents statistics less offences recorded +++

The police in Germany has recorded 2018 fewer offences than in previous years. The Police crime statistics, the Federal government introduces interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) in Berlin. The Tendency announced by the Minister in March. According to a report in the “world” registered, the police was 5.55 million offences in relation to the year 2017, a decrease of 3.6 percent. The number of suspects decreased, according to the newspaper, which was 2.9 percent to 2.05 million.

Already the statistics to 2017 (USD 5.76 million offenses, minus 9.6 per cent) had recorded a low of. The interior Ministry had reported the lowest level since 1992.

+++ 04.35 PM: Significantly more fatal accidents with bicycles and Pedelecs +++

last year, came on the streets of Germany 455 cyclists killed, including 89 on the so-called Pedelecs (E-Bikes). The were 15 per cent more accidents than the year before, in the course of the project, the increase in 2018 was even higher at 27 per cent, as preliminary Figures from the Federal Statistical office.


tradition brand Kalkhoff

“This is embarrassing, but also a Manager to rise today on an e-bike”

Gernot Kramper +++ 04.04 PM: FAA: Update of the Boeing-737-Max-Software takes weeks +++

The two crashes imposed a flight ban for passenger aircraft of type Boeing 737 Max will last for weeks. The US aviation authority FAA announced ntag, the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing will need time to revise after the crash is the subject of criticism control Software used. The FAA is expecting the final package of revised Software “in the coming weeks”. The Software will pass a “rigorous safety checks”. The FAA will not give the Update prior to the completion of this Review to install free.

The US-aircraft manufacturer Boeing had introduced the much-awaited Software Update last Wednesday. The group presented the revised program, and other additional security measures for the aircraft type, the 737 Max in front of more than 200 pilots, engineers and regulators in its factory in Renton, in the U.S. state of Washington. The Software Update must be FAA approved before it can be installed.

evaluation of the Black Box

investigator: Problem Software was in the case of accident of the Boeing 737 Max

+++ 03.04 PM: poll activated, the Vast majority of climate protection considers urgent task +++

Social and environmental issues in the municipalities, to burn according to a survey, more and more people, especially under the nails. One of the Bertelsmann Foundation, presented the report found that nine out of ten respondents in the representative study, the climate protection as a particularly urgent task that had to be addressed before location – 13 percentage points more than in the previous year. More often referred to local challenges, the creation of affordable housing (84%), waste reduction and the fight against poverty (83 percent).

The representative survey, which was conducted in September 2018, on the phone, it puts particular emphasis on the perception of poverty in the commune. Every Fourth considers the place of residence for a “large” or even “very big Problem”. In large cities, this figure was 52 percent, almost twice as high.

+++ 02.31 PM: Mick Jagger must, apparently, heart surgery +++

the Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger must undergo according to media reports, a heart surgery. The magazine “Rolling Stone” reported that 75-Year-old a heart valve had to be replaced. According to the Website “Drudge Report” is operated on the singer on Friday in New York.

The Rolling Stones had announced on Saturday that they move due to health problems Jaggers your tour in the USA and Canada. The singers need a “medical treatment,” said the British rock band, without mentioning Details. Jagger wrote in the short message service Twitter to his Fans: “I really hate to leave you hanging.”

+++ 02.30 p.m.: bomb threat in the train station in Neumünster: police gives the all-clear +++

After a bomb threat at the railway station in Neumünster, the police have given the all-clear. “The squad have found in the train no explosives,” said a spokesman for the Federal police. In a first search, a EDD had hit, the area where the carriage of the regional train had now been carefully x-rayed, no hazardous substances were found.

On Monday evening with a stewardess on a mirror was discovered in a toilet with the words “bomb in the train”. As a result, the train was evacuated in Neumünster and the traffic

+++ 01.43 PM: New York interrupted decides to toll for Manhattan +++

As the first city in the U.S. New York will introduce a toll fee for cars and trucks. The Parliament of the state of New York voted to raise the toll by the end of 2021 in Manhattan. Thus, the chronically clogged streets of the metropolis are to be relieved. The proceeds will benefit the New York city subway.

the height of The inner-city toll has not yet been determined. You should be in the cars of at least twelve dollars per day, in trucks at least 25 dollars.

+++ 00.35 a.m.: 14-Year-old inline skater from the tractor rolled over and killed +++

A young inline skater is registered in Willich, Germany in the district of Viersen, in North Rhine-Westphalia by a tractor and fatally injured. The 14-year-old girl came on Monday evening while trying to Avoid a Traffic guide vane may from the bike path on the roadway, the police announced. It was recorded by a tractor and run over. The teenagers died at the scene of the accident. The 27-year-old tractor driver suffered a shock and was supervised by a disaster chaplain.

+++ 00.05 PM: US supply of Material for F-35 fighter jets to Turkey +++

discontent with the planned installation of a controversial Russian anti-missile defence system in Turkey has stopped the US government, the delivery of Material for F-35 fighter jets to Ankara for the time being. As long as the Turkish government not the Russian air defense system S-400 waivers would be suspended, deliveries and activities to do with the F-35 Jets, initially, informed the US Department of defense in Washington. The United States had made it clear that the acquisition of the S-400 system to Turkey is unacceptable. The Pentagon stressed at the same time, the dialogue in this issue go further.

Turkey has agreed with the government in Moscow, the purchase of S-400 missile systems for air defence. At the same time, the Ankara of the United States F wants to obtain-35 fighter jets against the S-400 System could theoretically be used. Turkey wants to have the Russian air defense system starting in October, ready for use. This would Turkey supports, as the first Nato member on the Russian weapons system that is described as incompatible with Nato systems.

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