If there is a German company, stands out with the use of their weapons systems in the Yemen war, then it is probably the manufacturer, Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) from Burbach in the siegerland. Of him the Fewas weapons stations have been developed, which you can see on many Videos from the war zone – mounted on military vehicles of the US manufacturer Oshkosh of the military of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In addition, it recognizes since 2017, some Leclerc tanks of the Emirati military, the rollers on the streets of Yemen, obviously, DND produced protection systems.

The sightings of these two armor products are one of the most controversial results of the research project #GermanArms, the star together with the ARD magazine “Report München”, the research office of Lighthouse Reports, the investigative network Bellingcat and the Deutsche Welle worn.

Yemen as a “test site”

the Political sensitivity of the case, the tank technology. In March 2017, two years after the start of the bloody war in Yemen, approved by the Federal government, the company DND exports of “reactive armor in the Form of modules,” for 126 million Euro for the Emirates. The government has not told the Bundestag at the time that these modules were meant for tanks. But on its website the company says that the “reactive protection” system had been developed from our own production for armoured vehicles. And the Management of Dynamit Nobel Defence in a language in October 2017 published annual financial statements for 2016, could recently “win a vehicle protection contract with greater volume”. The fits to the in March 2017 has approved the delivery to the value of 126 million euros at the Emirates. In April 2018, the CEO of Dynamit Nobel Defence, Michael Humbek language, even in an Interview with an Austrian military publication of “subcontractors reactive armor” in the “French main battle tank Leclerc for the United Arab Emirates”.

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So we found off the coast of Yemen, built in Germany KriegsschiffeDas business with the KriegSo leads us to the Federal government for arms exports to the nose herumWie soldiers of the Emirates with technology from Germany for the war trainierenJets with German technology, through the Yemen

From the end of 2017 you will see Videos and photos from Yemen Leclerc tanks with side-attached protection modules, similar with its rivets the modules very, the DND, for example, for the German Puma infantry fighting vehicle delivered. These protection systems can also be clear of other add-on armor like the Azur from France to distinguish, with some Leclerc in Yemen are also on the way. Some observers speak of it, that the Yemen would now be the “testing ground” for the Leclerc and its various variants.

the Green light in spite of the Intervention of the Saudis and Emiratis

The commercial arm of Dynamit Nobel Defence from Burbach received for the export of their protection packages in March 2017 green light, even though according to the for the coalition according to its own data binding export principles of exports in the countries of departure, “which are involved in armed conflicts”. In March 2015, the Intervention of the Saudis and Emiratis in Yemen, had begun the war. And in the same year there were the first reports and the Videos, according to the UAE military began in the civil war, the country also Leclerc-main battle tank.



Jets with German technology, through the Yemen

Ruben Rehage

Nevertheless, Dynamit Nobel Defence got in March 2017, the export permit from the Federal government. And all of this, although the company is not a big Player in the arms industry. Unlike for Rheinmetall, Airbus, Lürssen, or even the Nuremberg-based Diehl group, is in the company of the winning country is not known, that it holds a lobby office in Berlin 1A-location. In 2016, the company from Burbach was just under 55 million euros, i.e. less than the half of the sum of the most recent big contract for reactive armor from the Emirates.

of The Israeli state-owned company Rafael Ltd.

But industry experts on a other circumstance, the lifts the company: since the mid-2000s to the state-owned Israeli arms company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. based in the port city of Haifa, Rafael from a research laboratory of the Israeli military. It establishes, for example, the well-known missile defense system, Iron Dome, but also on vehicles to mount weapons stations. At Rafael they carry the brand name of Samson, is similar to the part of the Fewas-stations of the subsidiary in the German Burbach.

of Course, it is hard to imagine that an Israeli company directly supplies weapons technology to the United Arab Emirates – a country whose government has not recognized Israel until today, diplomatically. All the more piquant that it is now a German subsidiary company of the Israelis, the upgrades, the Emiratis, even if a speaker explicitly States, “that it is in the Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH, a German company with German Management, which only the German legislation is subject to”.


How to soldiers of the Emirates with technology from Germany for the war

Hans-Martin Tillack

Some in the industry train to believe that the Israel-Connection of the Burbach company, and that helps with exports to the Arab region. If a subsidiary of a company from Haifa wool to deliver to an Arab country, could harm the Israel, could then be used by the Federal government argues.

The company, in the victory of the country already produced repeated directly for the Israelis and provided them with, for example, in the years 2012 and 2013, ammunition and related goods with a total value of nearly 13 million euros.

now, If the Emiratis use weapons from Burbach in the war against the Iranian-supported Houthi rebels in Yemen, is expected to be within the meaning of the Israeli government. Iran is regarded as the Arabs of the Gulf as a mortal enemy number one.

Federal Ministry of economic Affairs remains in the case of presentation

But the question remains whether the Emiratis have observed that the end-use provisions. “The political responsibility for such exports,” sun “alone in the Federal government,” said a spokesman for the company from the Siegerland.

Sevim Dagdelen, Vice-Chief of the Left group in the Bundestag, that it was “high time that the Federal government is assuming its responsibility” and a “permanent stop” for arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the Unitedagreed Arab Emirates imposed.

But so far, Federal Economics seem to want to Ministry and foreign office refuse from the research Alliance #GermanArms recorded sightings of German weapons technology covered in Yemen and to take in the Horn of Africa into serious consideration.

A spokeswoman from the Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier (CDU), insisted, in any case, after the publication of the first reports of #GermanArms on Wednesday on the line, had proclaimed to her Minister before: That the authority allegedly “no knowledge of such German weapons are in Yemen”.

to ignore problems in the hope that they will disappear – this is more of a strategy with risks, in war as in peace.

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