The works Council of Ford Europe criticized the German armed forces for a newspaper ad, which alludes to the impending job cuts in the Cologne car plant. On the title page of a Cologne-based tabloid newspaper, the Bundeswehr Fort had a display with the Text “Job? Do what really matters” is placed. The word “Fort” was modeled after the Ford Logo. “This is absolutely inappropriate and disrespectful,” said Martin Hennig, General Manager of Ford of Europe: “The Bundeswehr is being exploited in a vulgar way, fates for advertising purposes”.

“Bundeswehr wants to offer a professional perspective”

A spokeswoman for the German defence Ministry said on request of the German press-Agency, they wanted to offend anyone: “The Bundeswehr wants to offer people who are affected by downsizing, a career in Uniform and in our civilian sector.” So you have advertised also in front of the VW factory in Wolfsburg, Germany for the German armed forces. There have to venture to a poster of the slogan “A Job for the people” stood. At Ford in Cologne and Saarlouis, soon, 5400 Ask about severance pay, and early retirement should be eliminated.

fs / DPA