The mother of the disappeared Berlin student Georgine has said in the trial against the alleged killers of their daughter. The Disappearance of Dahlia in front of almost 13 years was a blow of fate, which had changed the whole family, the 55-Year-old. She herself was ill due to the shock and suffer under massive mental health problems. Also her son was “mentally broken”. They’ve kept in all of the years continuously in contact with the police and never given up hope that their daughter was still alive.

Before the Berlin regional court to answer to a 44-Year-old. He was charged, in September 2006, the then 14-year-old girl in a basement of his Moabit apartment lured to have strangled and raped. The body was not found until today.

twelve years

Cold Case Georgine Krüger: the investigators were on the trail of the Suspect

By Patrick Rösing mother: “she was in a good mood,”

The enigmatic stay Away from Georgine was for years one of the most famous missing-persons cases in Germany. Until 2017, the detectives had come by the radio cells of evaluations and covert investigations on the accused Germans with Turkish roots. To him murder to hide another Crime, and severity of rape is put to the load. Since December 2018, the detained man is said to have revealed to an undercover police officer offender know. In the process, he denied the statement.

her last day together with Georgine was a Sunday, so the mother. “She was in a good mood.” At the time, her daughter was a Berlin Teenager of 14 years. A girl who “was cheerful and depressed”.

mother knew the Suspect by sight

The black-clad mother looks briefly to the alleged murderer of your child on the opposite side of the court room. “I knew him by sight,” she says. The 55-Year-old looks tense and tired. Your answers are short. “I’m Georgine looking for.” If you still hope that your daughter is alive? “Yes,” breathed the mother. Even if there is nothing Real, that confirm the hope.

What was Dahlia for a girl? “Quite normal, she was in the middle of puberty,” recalls the mother, who worked in the Three-layer System. “Of course there was friction at home.” Georgine wanted to be a Model or actress. A Casting Agency had reported. “She was happy.” You don’t have to like the way their daughter is dressed, always. The girl was but stayed away never without consultation. “She was reliable.” In the household would have lived their younger daughter, and the grandmother of the children.

On 4. December 2018, learned the family of the suspected perpetrator and his arrest. A police psychologist was present when the message was delivered. “She’s dead … it was a shock,” says the mother. Your lawyer Roland Weber, you left in advance of the hearing to notify, you hope for clarity and I will watch the taking of evidence. The process is on 14. August continued.

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