A gay man has been sentenced in Tunisia to six months in prison, after he had reported to the police as the victim of a rape. The 26-Year-old was gone, according to the human rights group Shams from the Monday to the police to file a complaint: He had an appointment on the Internet with another man to have Sex, then was robbed at the rendezvous point by two men and raped.

more and more terms of imprisonment against Gays in Tunisia

After the visit to the police station, the Prosecutor ordered an anal test to be able to the 26-Year-old self for homosexuality prosecute. Same-sex acts are illegal in Tunisia is illegal, the convictions have increased in the past few years. 2018 127 prison sentences for the offence of giving.


study: homophobia is in Sport on the agenda

By Patrick Rösing

The court in the city of Sfax, saw it as evidence that no rape occurred, but a dispute in connection to the sexual encounter. The other two men, the court sentenced each to six months because of homosexuality, 15 days due to the use of violence, and one and a half months because of theft.

The organization Damj for the defence of sexual minorities, calling the decision a “flagrant violation of human rights and moral Dignity”. She called for the “immediate end” of all the legal persecution on the basis of article 230 of the Tunisian criminal law, Sex between men is criminalized. Also, the “humiliating” anal examinations must be set immediately.

wue / AFP