In the Berlin Zoo’s Brood, too, just for men.

The gay king penguins Skipper, and Ping take care of together touching the Egg of a Companion, such as Zoosprecher Maximilian hunter said after the Newspapers “had B. Z.” and “image” on Friday reported on. “The two penguin men conduct themselves as exemplary parents and warm, the Egg turns.”

Skipper and Ping are ten years old and moved in April from the Hamburg Hagenbeck zoo in Berlin. You spend a lot of time together, and protect the Egg from conspecifics. “Same-sex penguin couples are also in their natural habitat,” explained hunter. It was in the animal Kingdom is not uncommon. In other Zoos, there are also men, couples, even in the case of penguins.

the two little want to be bird male parents, had signaled earlier. “You have tried, fish and stones to hatch,” said hunter. The real Egg have offered nurses Skipper and Ping in the middle of July, because the only penguin lady on the six-member group had in the past years, no success in breeding. The two males began to work immediately.

“We don’t know if this Egg is fertilized,” said hunter. If Yes, would hatch after approximately 55 days of a young animal. In other Zoos gay penguins had already hatching a result, added the spokesman. For Berlin that would be new.

penguins males and females alternately ums Brood care in King, is normal. Place the Egg on your feet and put a belly fold it over.

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