The former Federal President Joachim Gauck also advertises with a view to the alignment of the CDU for a “enhanced tolerance in the direction to the right”.

tolerance do not call “anyone who is a hard conservative, to keep a danger for the democracy and of the democratic game prefer to squeeze out,” said Gauck, the “mirror”. “We need to distinguish between the right – in the sense of conservative and right – wing extremist or right-wing.”

Thus, Gauck spoke to a topic that is of concern to the Union parties-of-date. Although infighting in the CDU and the CSU will not be held often so publicly and aggressively, such as in the SPD. However, the Union was in nationwide surveys never behind the Green. As a result, the pressure in the boiler rises.

Gauck took the view that the CDU would have to be for a certain type of Conservatives back to the political home. This applies to people, for safety and social compliance is more important than freedom, openness and plurality. Previously, these people were at home in the CDU and CSU of Alfred Dregger, and Franz Josef Strauss. “But since then, the CDU was social-democratic, have become homeless.”

Joachim Gauck warned: “We lose ourselves when we do so, as it would be too dangerous to discuss openly problems, because the people might immediately topple over again and a dictatorship would choose”. What is a problem is that the choice of the AfD-members had been blocked to the Vice-President of the Bundestag so far. Of course every member have the right to choose who he wanted. “But I wonder if it is politically useful to every candidates of the AfD to refuse.”

Ex-protection of the Constitution CEO Hans-Georg Maaßen – a member of the CDU and the conservative values-Union, a conservative grouping within the CDU and the CSU does not exclude a collaboration between the CDU and the AfD in Germany’s Eastern länder, however. “I think in the current Situation, we will exclude it also, that it comes to such a coalition, but you never know,” he said in the Germany radio.

The values-Union, also spoke for a clear demarcation to the left. Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister-President Daniel Günther (CDU) had stressed last week in a joint Interview with Thuringia Minister-President Bodo Ramelow (Left) his “clear rejection of a right panning of the Union”. With a view to the left of the party, he had said: “The time of exclusion is over.” The AfD had referred to Günther as a “threat to Germany”.

Green, Left, and the SPD came to Maaßens Expression of Protest. “And if Conservative with right-wing radicals make a deal, is it for Germany to be dangerous,” said SPD Federal Vice Ralf Stegner, the “Handelsblatt”. The Chairman of the left group in the Bundestag, Dietmar Bartsch advised to ignore Maaßens “provocations”. Green group Deputy Konstantin von Notz wrote on Twitter, Maaßen had to leave “obviously #all good spirits”.

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak granted cooperation of the CDU and the AfD is a clear rejection. “We distinguish between the CDU between conservative & reactionary, we distinguish between the legitimate concerns of the citizens and nationalist Propaganda,” he wrote on Twitter. “Therefore, the CDU will cooperate with the AfD (and the left party) never. We are the civil power.”

the AfD group’s boss, Alice rye, said: “it is The contributions of Joachim Gauck and Hans-Georg Maaßen deserved a wider debate.” The distancing reactions from the CDU showed, however, that in this party, no discussion about a more conservative policy would be possible. Rye said: “The section amounts of the AfD with the “Daniel-Guenther-CDU” are in fact very small and that is a good thing.” AfD party leader Jörg Meuthen commented on Maaßens Comments in Facebook with the words: “The last Conservative in the Union of desire”.

The Chairman of the workers ‘ group of the Union group in the Bundestag, Uwe Schummer, said: “My Problem with the AfD is that it is “severely conservative” – is at the core of völkisch-nationalist.” The CDU politician belongs to the liberal “Union of the center”. He said the CDU needed to solve problems and “the forces of the democratic middle strengths”. This is the best way to fight “the totalitarian margins”.

Maaßen said in the Interview, when events in the East would have told people that they had the impression that today can no longer say, “what could we say 20 years ago”. He himself was of this view. You need people who represent such positions, but take it seriously to demonize instead of you.

Union faction Deputy Carsten Linnemann said: “The Union must actively address sensitive issues, such as the fight against political Islam.” If you miss this, “will occupy the edges of the subject and, indeed, radical.”