The former German Federal President Joachim Gauck calls for an “enhanced tolerance in the direction to the right”.

tolerance do not call “anyone who is a hard conservative, to keep a danger for the democracy and of the democratic game prefer to squeeze out,” said Gauck, the German news magazine “der Spiegel”. “We need to distinguish between the right – in the sense of conservative and right – wing extremist or right-wing.”

Gauck took the view that the CDU would have to be for a certain type of Conservative back home. This applies to people, for safety and social compliance is more important than freedom, openness and plurality. Earlier these people were located in the CDU/CSU by Alfred Dregger and Franz Josef Strauss. “But since then, the CDU was social-democratic, have become homeless.”

Gauck demanded at the same time, to draw clear boundaries. “It is with leniency, if people are discriminated against or the law and the law of contempt”, – said the former head of state. “This is clearly to be condemned and, under certain circumstances, a case for prosecutors and judges.” You had to argue about where to draw the boundaries. As long as the basic law will not be violated, but only unpleasant theses would be represented, was the expression of an open society.

“We lose ourselves when we do so, as it would be too dangerous to discuss openly problems, because the people might immediately topple over again and a dictatorship would choose,” said Gauck. A problematic way, be it that the choice of AfD members was blocked to the Vice-President of the Bundestag so far. Of course every member have the right to choose who he wanted. “But I wonder if it is politically useful to every candidates of the AfD to refuse.”