Very many East Germans are missing in the view of the former German President, Joachim Gauck, “this absolute enforcement of the will”.

you could have a competition mentality as their compatriots in the West are not in a natural way built, said Gauck in Berlin on Monday evening after a screening of the film. An East-rate for the occupation of leading positions, the today 79-Year-old, who hails from the East is not supported.

As a Preview, the ZDF has been shown-documentary “30 years of the fall of the wall – Joachim Gauck’s search for unity”, the first on 4. To see April on ZDFinfo (20.15 clock). Gauck meets in the Film with completely different people and tries to explore their part of the controversial views on the state of Germany.

To get word of the authors Stephan Lamby and Florian Huber, the current President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble, the author Navid Kermani in the strip, the former GDR opposition, Marianne Birthler, as well as the former AfD Leader Frauke Petry and Pegida-founder René Jahn of Dresden.

In the Live-interview with ZDF-editor-in-chief Peter Frey stressed Gauck, he was in the talks closer to the feeling of ill-being for many adolescents. That in spite of personally, good living conditions, get it. At the same time, he was confident that Germany to stay in solidarity.