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tropical storm “Pabuk” a Thailand (6.05 PM)Gatwick airport deploys Anti-drone technology (5.13 p.m.), Two of the sect abducted children freed (3.54 PM)search of containers in the North sea will continue (3.20 PM)

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+++ 6.05 PM: Tropical storm “Pabuk” draws on Thailand, no major damage +++

perhaps The worst tropical storm in decades has struck the South of Thailand with heavy rains, strong winds and up to five meters high waves on the lake home. So far, but reported no major damage or deaths, as the authorities of the country have informed. The with tourists popular holiday destinations, Phuket, Ko Samui and Krabi were spared, informed the civil protection in Phuket, the German press Agency.

storm “Pabuk” was moved on Thursday from the South China sea up and in the province of Nakorn Si Thammarat in the country. According to the meteorological authority, he now moves with a wind speed of up to 80 kilometres per hour towards the West. The authority had previously warned, “Pabuk” could similarly be destructive killed as tropical storm “Harriet” in 1962, nearly a thousand people in the country.

+++ 5.44 PM: for the First time, the temple of the fertility God Xipe Tótec in Mexico discovered +++

archaeologists have in Mexico for the first time, a temple of fertility and war God Xipe Tótec from prähispanischer time discovered. As the national Institute of anthropology and history told, was the remains of a cult place in the ruins of the archaeological site of Ndachijan-Tehuacan found in the state of Puebla. Were discovered three stone sculptures of Xipe Tótec: place two skinned heads and a Torso.

Xipe Tótec, also known as the “flayed God”, was venerated especially in Central and Western Mexico. According to the scientific community sacrificed priests prisoners, to the honour of God, before they skinned on an Altar, and your skin überwarfen. The temples were used in the period between 1000 and 1260, the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards began in the year 1519.

+++ 5.13 PM: Gatwick airport deploys Anti-drone technology a +++

To the defence of drones, the UK airports of Gatwick and Heathrow set in the future on a specific defence technology. The British news Agency PA reported, citing the two Airports, for the Anti-drone equipment could be several million pounds invested. Thus, the threat posed by drones should be eliminated. Shortly before Christmas, witnesses had spotted in the air space at the Gatwick airport drones. About 1000 flights were cancelled for security reasons, or diverted. Affected were a total of 140 000 passengers.

The Anti-drone technology could discover communications between a drone and the operator and block, it said. She was stationed on a roof at Gatwick airport, should have a range of several miles, and use four radars, in order to have a 360-degree angle. A spokesman for Heathrow said: “The safety of our passengers and colleagues is our highest priority.” You will work closely with the competent authorities, including the police.

Chaos at the airport in London

Gatwick and the mysterious Shutdown case: The irritating communication to the police

Who is the drone flights on the British Airport Gatwick is responsible and what the motive is? The case remains mysterious. Around 200 drone sightings should be reported to the police. The investigators are strong in the criticism.

DPA +++ 3.54 PM: Two in USA by sect abducted children in Mexico freed +++

The Mexican police have freed two in the US of a sect abducted children from their kidnappers. The 12-year-old Boy and the 14-year-old girl had been discovered in a Hotel in the state of México in the center of the country, according to the Mexican Ministry of Security. The kidnappers were arrested.

the Suspects to be members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish group Lev Tahor. The cult will always be accused again forced marriage and child abuse. The members do not use modern technology and the women of the community wear floor-length black robes.

+++ 3.20 PM: After the wreck: search of containers in the North sea continued +++

After the wreck of the giant cargo ship “MSC Zoe” is the search for the lost containers. In German waters so far, ten containers were sighted, but only one of them could be backed up, such as the Central command for Maritime emergencies said. The other nine were from oil monitoring aircraft or the police helicopter. They were, however, already fallen, as the ship reached their Position. In the case of the search of the containers under water to help on Friday, the special vessel “Wega” from the Federal Maritime and hydrographic Agency (BSH).

“MSC Zoe”

Giant cargo ship loses 270 Container – some are dangerous, Finder

features Still numerous containers adrift in the North sea. Almost 300 pieces were gone on Tuesday on Board a huge freighter. Multiple to dangerous goods.

DPA +++ 2.13 PM: Beijing, the U.S. Delegation is expected from Monday to talks in the trade dispute +++

In the trade conflict with the United States has announced in China the visit of a US Delegation in Beijing. U.S. government representatives were expected on Monday to two days of talks in the Chinese capital, said the Chinese Ministry of Commerce on Friday. The Delegation will headed by the Deputy trade Jeffrey Gerrish officer directed. At the talks it will go to the “implementation of the important consensus”, the US President, Donald Trump and China’s head of state Xi Jinping had made.

Xi and Trump had been on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires on a ceasefire agreed in their Trade dispute. At a dinner, they agreed, for the time being, the new punitive tariffs threatened to abandon it. The United States put China at the same time, an Ultimatum: If Beijing does not comply with the demands for a removal of trade barriers within a period of 90 days, to increase the punitive tariffs as planned. Beijing had assured at the beginning of December, the swift implementation of the Washington agreements.

+++ 0.39 PM: British Brexit-Minister: a New Referendum would Bre country columns +++

Shortly before the landmark vote in the British under the house on exiting the EU Treaty in the UK xit Minister Stephen Barclay in front of a new referendum are warned. “A second Referendum would trigger even more disagreement. The current level in the UK is torn, would be small compared to the voltages that would cause a second vote. It would divide our Nation,” said Barclay of the “world” and other European Newspapers.

A second Referendum was not time before the European elections end of may, is also feasible. “Before the elections to the European Parliament, a Referendum can not take place. But then would have to take place in the UK European elections. What is the meaning of a huge democratic failure, because the citizens have voted for the exit, but now the end of may, yet again to choose,” he said.

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