Ron Thomson looks back on a decades-long life as a Ranger in Zimbabwe. More than 5000 elephants, 800 Buffalo, 50 hippos, 40 leopards and the 40 lions, he wants to have in African national parks in the past 57 years killed, he writes on his Website. In an Interview with the British magazine “Independent”, he said now that he has not driven the hunger for blood. It had not been his Job to ensure that the populations are too large, he said. Because if the animals would multiply too much, it would be the rooms of a danger to their own lives.

The 90-Year-old denies to be a trophy hunter. He advised the never pleasure, to kill the animals. Every Time he has targeted a goal, he had only a single thought: “I must kill it with a single shot,” said Thomson to the “Independent”. “I had no feelings. In the hundreds of thousands of times I was on the hunt, I was completely uninvolved.”


to be After the death of a poacher’s snare

Africa-expert on poaching and the risk of an elephant trampled to death

Rune Weichert

He had only one Problem: “The supposed experts from the West”. He accused animal rights activists, “to spread fraudulent lies”, to be able to money to collect. “I wish I could grab you by the shoulders, shake, and say: don’t Believe everything you’ve heard is correct,” he told the journalist Jane Dalton. “The African elephant is not extinct a long time,” claimed Thomson.

352.271 elephants in Africa

But the facts speak against him. Eduardo Gonçalves, the founder of the project “Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting” (CBTH), made it clear: “Überpopulationen there are natural stocks of rare. The African elephant population as a whole is very sharply”. One of the largest animal in the story, “The Great Elephant Census stories”, came to the conclusion that there are only 352.271 elephants on the African continent. In 1979, there were more than 1.3 million.

Where Thomson has the 5000 supposedly excess elephants he has killed, discovered, is, therefore, highly questionable. Gonçalves believed that the activity as a game warden could just be a cover. “There are numerous cases in which selective inventory control as a cover for the trophy hunting will be used,” he said to the “Independent”. “The trophy hunt is a cruel and heinous Remnant of the colonial time. The rising number of elephant hunts shows that the industry is out of control.”

animal protection organisations believe that the ivory ban has led in China to the recent increase in Asian tourists would stock up now in Africa, with products, one of which is a healing power, promise, and also ivory. For poaching a profitable business.