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The Intrusive Gaffer to have filmed on Wednesday evening with their Smartphones, the victim of a serious Truck accident, and photographed, apparently not penetrated but the car in the rescue. As police and a spokeswoman of the district Association of the DRK Pforzheim-Enzkreis the “Focus” was confirmed, it came to the point in the Chaos of the accident, a misunderstanding. “The paramedic after 30 minutes of resuscitation completely exhausted from the ambulance, rose,” said DRC spokeswoman. After that, you have said to a police officer in a subordinate clause, it lacked only that, the Gaffer climbing car in the rescue. Why this Info was pointed in the first police report in such a way, was currently being cleared, a police spokeswoman. “The Gaffer and the accident happened very much,” she said, the “Focus”.

German Red cross: “no one has opened the door”

A spokeswoman for the German red cross Association Pforzheim-Enzkreis had denied the first communication from the officers already in the evening of the accident, and a misunderstanding spoken. The Gaffer had come to the ambulance close. But no one tried to open the door of the vehicle. Rather, had tried, from a hill next to the highway, to throw a glance in the car. The police had still insisted on in the Morning first of all on your representation of the incident.


Drunk man steals ambulance, while in the back Patient is treated

DPA But not Gawker? DRC suspected of misunderstanding

Also on accident evening had asked the police, the witnesses to Use, because the EMTs “had to do all hands full” and the Intrusive Gaffer could not identify. Still can notify witnesses of the number 07231-125810 the police of Karlsruhe, for the officials to determine whether the onlookers is a punishable offence.

In the case of the serious accident in the amount of Wurmberg, the driver came one of the two involved Trucks were killed. The 59-Year-old died at the scene of the accident.

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