The case of the allegedly by her boyfriend stabbing 21-Year-old in Worms moves the Region. Meanwhile, the threat against the worms Lord mayor Michael Kissel (SPD), were taken after a murder the police measures to protect, as a police spokesman in Mainz, Germany, said.

for determination tactical reasons, he could not say what these measures are exactly. On Saturday evening, it was planned in Worms, in Rhineland-Palatinate, a funeral March, the members and friends organize. It is still completely unclear how many participants will join the action, the spokesman said. The police were deployed to accompany the March. New insights to the fact it is not.

The city hall chief of the city had spoken after the death of the young woman to the public and the diet of worms to the Cohesion called. In a statement on the Homepage of Worms, it was said: “it is Only together that the city can process this inconceivable fact.” And further: “together, Let us mourn and let us the family our condolences, of course, be. We are not able to take the family their suffering, but we can do everything that you can process your grief in peace.” The threats had been previously reported by several media.

The 21-year-old victim was killed on Wednesday night in her parents ‘ house in Worms. There, she lived on the top three floors. The young woman died, according to earlier information of the public Prosecutor’s office on several knife wounds. Overall, she suffered ten to 15 stab and cut injuries in the back, on the neck, in the lungs and on the hands.

your 22-year-old Tunisian friend, according to investigators temporarily in the house in Worms to a guest, sitting in on suspicion of murder in custody. His motive is still unclear. The Prosecutor’s office is considering a psychiatric assessment of the rejected asylum seekers from Tunisia.

The man had been in the early Morning after the fact to the police and explains to his girlfriend in a lovers ‘ quarrel, killed. The alleged murder weapon, a long kitchen knife, was assured. In October 2017 the responsibility of the regierungspräsidium of Karlsruhe asylum application of the husband was rejected, first of all, he had to get a tolerance.

After the competent foreigners authority had decided to deport him, had been looking for him. His only address was, according to police, the Initial reception centre in Karlsruhe, information, least, he should have no fixed abode had.

The alleged perpetrator was of the police has long been known, according to the figures, because of bodily injury, drug offenses, threat, and coercion. In addition, he had served in October of last year, a three-week sentence for theft. The Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe announced that the 22-used-Year multiple alias identities. In October of last year, he was from the first recording submerged.