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Frontex: the number of illegal border crossings on a Five-year Low (18.44 PM)Baden-Württemberg has filed a million lawsuit against VW (17.15)shots in the centre of Cologne – the dispute in the Rocker Milieu? (17: 08)Habeck according to media report, a criminal complaint due to hacker attack (16.39 PM)Six Dead in clashes in Iraqi women’s prison (16.08 hours)After the Explosion in front of the AfD office detention requests against suspects (15.59 PM)

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+++ 19.38 PM: The Patriarch of Constantinople to recognize a new Orthodox Church in the Ukraine: + + +

The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, will recognize on Saturday officially announced the independence of the new Orthodox Church of the Ukraine. To Bartholomew I will sign with the Ukrainian Metropolitan Epiphanius, in the Patriarchate in Istanbul a document on the independence of the new Church. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who had campaigned for the recognition of the new Church, also takes part in the ceremony. In December, had closed two Ukrainian churches to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and paving the way for the recognition by Bartholomew I. paved. In Moscow, the Ukrainian Church is so far below, thrust the step-by-violent Protest.

+++ 19.32 watch: Five women die in the event of fire in the Polish Escape Room +++

In the case of a fire in an Escape Room in Poland, five women were killed. A man was brought to the accident in the leisure facility in the North of Poland, Koszalin in hospital with serious injuries, such as the fire brigade spokesman Tomasz Kubiak to the AFP news Agency said. The cause of the fire was initially unknown. Escape Rooms are the setting for adventure games, in which participants are locked in a room. To get out you must solve a series of puzzles.

+++ 19.27 PM: mammoth DNA in cheap jewelry from Cambodia found +++

In search of the origin of ivory in cheap jewelry from Cambodia, British researchers on the mammoth-discovered-DNA. It was a “Surprise” in the jewelry pieces of the ivory of a woolly-mammoths have been discovered, said Alex Ball from the species protection organisation, WildGenes from Edinburgh. Have surprised the researchers that the Fund come from a tropical country like Cambodia. Mammoths are extinct since approximately 10,000 years ago. They do not fall under the international Convention for the protection of

+++ 18.52 PM: at Least 46 people died in unrest in Burkina Faso +++

In the case of ethnic unrest, has been killed in the West African state of Burkina Faso, at least 46 people. As the government explained, was preceded by the violence in an alleged attack by jihadists in the village of Yirgou in the district Barsalogo. In the process, including the village headman had been killed in the night of Tuesday, seven people. In search of the assassins, it had come in the following days, clashes between members of two ethnic groups. A total of 46 people had been killed.

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