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operates Mick Jagger successfully on the heart (19.51 PM)Völler is not a DFB President: “is out of the question” (19.47 PM)-candidate David Malpass is the new President of the world Bank (18.48 PM), BMW, Daimler, VW: Illegal collusion? (11.50)May ask the EU to Brexit-delay to 30. June (10.02 PM)

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+++ 19.51 PM: Mick Jagger, successfully operated on the heart +++

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is a successful heart surgery. “I feel much better now,” said Jagger on the Friday of the short-message service Twitter and thanked his Fans for their support and “all the hospital staff for their excellent work”.

Previously, the industry had reported on the Website “Billboard”, the aortic heart valve of the 75-year-old singer had been replaced. The engagement in New York was, therefore, with a catheter. With this so-called minimally invasive surgery, a surgery on the open heart had been avoided. Jagger recovering well and was in a “great state of health”. The Briton had to be four to five days in the hospital, his artery to heal properly.

The Rolling Stones had canceled on Saturday 17 concerts, within the framework of the “No Filter”tour, starting on the 20. April in the USA and Canada wanted to give. The reason given was simply, Jagger in need of medical treatment. The musician wrote in the short message service Twitter, he was “devastated” that he had to let his Fans as “hang”.

+++ 19.47 clock: Völler is not a DFB President: “not an issue” +++

The former national team-team Manager Rudi Völler is the DFB President, and thus successor to the retired Reinhard Grindel. “I’m not standing for the office of DFB President,” said the sporting Director of Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen, the “Bild”newspaper, the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” and the “Rheinische Post”: “This is for me completely out of the question. I have enough to do.”

at the same time Völler, who was in charge from 2000 to 2004, the national team called for a Reform within the DFB. “Something must change. It can’t be, that in the last ten years, every President has more or less been chased out of the office,” he said: “I believe, Therefore, that the DFB does well, some things to restructure.”

+++ 19: 30: Fierce fighting between government militias and Haftar’s forces near Tripoli +++

In the vicinity of the Libyan capital Tripoli have supplied Pro-government militias in heavy fighting with troops of the renegade General Khalifa Haftar. The fighting took place, according to the government instead of circles, less than 50 kilometers South of Tripoli. Haftars so-called Libyan National army (LNA) spoke of the “fierce Fighting” with the militias in Tripoli.

Haftar had ordered on Thursday of its LNA, the capital advance. First of all, the rise seems to have stopped. A government militia from the town of Sawija have pushed back Haftars units in the night to Friday, an important control point to the West of Tripoli, was reported security sources in Tripoli.

+++ 19.11 PM: Biden wants to decide soon on possible presidential candidacy +++

The former US Vice-President Joe Biden has made an early decision about a possible candidacy for the presidential election of 2020. “I’m very much on the verge of a decision,” Biden said in Washington. The Democrat was from 2009 until 2017, Deputy of then-US President Barack Obama. It has long been speculated about a possible presidential candidacy, Biden’s always fueled by his own statements. The last allegations from several women had appeared, the defendant, Biden acted towards them in the past, grip – through uninvited physical proximity, or unwanted caresses like a kiss on the back of the head.

+++ 18.50: British Labour party is “disappointed” about the previous talks with the government. + + +

The British Labour party has “disappointed” about the previous talks with the government over a way out of Brexit-cul-de-SAC. “We are disappointed that the government has still offered no real change or compromise,” said a party spokesman, after three days of negotiations in London. The opposition party demands from the Prime Minister Theresa May, “real changes” to your with the EU negotiated Brexit agreement. The goal of the talks is, in the opinion of Labour, “to find an Alternative”, supported by the Parliament and the country “together” could bring added of the Labour spokesman.

+++ 18: 48: U.S. candidate David Malpass is the new President of the world Bank +++

David Malpass, former state Secretary at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, has been appointed as the new President of the world Bank. Malpass was “open and transparent” Nominations officially to the 13. The world Bank chief has been selected, the Institution in Washington. The US is the largest contributor to the world Bank, and since the establishment of the financial institution at the end of the Second world war are consistently the President.

+++ 18.16 PM: Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner has died +++

The British molecular biologist and Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner is dead. The researcher died at the age of 92 years, told the national research Agency A*STAR in Singapore. Burner had received in 2002 the Nobel prize for medicine, together with the British John Sulston and American researcher Robert Horvitz. Awards were given to the Work of the researchers in programmed cell death – the basis for the understanding of cancer, Aids and other diseases – as well as their pioneering research on organ development.

+++ 17: 56: Zott cream recalls yogurt in six Federal States +++

The dairy Zott calls back in six länder, cream yoghurts, which can be for Allergy sufferers not harmful to health. In the varieties strawberry, peach-passion fruit, Amarena cherry and raspberry in the 150-grams-to-cups hazelnut, pistachio, almond, Egg, or wheat gluten might be in the yogurt, such as the company, based in the Swabian town of Mertingen announced. Sold to the mug in Lidl – and net super markets in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxes and Thuringia.

cream yoghurts with the date of minimum durability 28.04.2019 were Affected, all affected products carry a letter-coding, which begins with a “K”, it said. Customers could return the yogurt in the respective supermarkets, and also without presenting a receipt of the purchase price.

+++ 17.05 PM: Trump wants to remain at the gala dinner of the capital press again remote +++

Donald Trump does not want to participate in the traditional gala dinner of the capital press in Washington again. Instead, he wanted to hold a campaign event, announced the US President. The Dinner was boring and too negative, so he will not participate. “I like positive things.” Trump has been here for Dinner in the last two years. Recently, the news portal “Axios had reported,” but that he was considering this year to participate. The event is for the 27. April planned.

Trump accuses the media on a regular basis to disseminate deliberately false reports, and referred to journalists as “enemies of the people”. The gala dinner is organized by the “White House Correspondents’ Association”, an Association of journalists who report on the White house.

+++ 16.51 PM: court declares Sunday openings in Berlin to be unlawful +++

The shops are open on Sundays, on the occasion of the events in Berlin in the year 2018, according to the administrative court of Berlin is illegal. The Sunday openings were set on the occasion of the International Green week, the Berlinale, the International tourism exchange Berlin and the Berlin Art Week from the Senate administration. The trade Union Verdi complained about it. The court gave Verdi is now legal, and decided in the two proceedings, that the establishment didn’t stand the shops are open Sundays, in each case in accordance with the Berlin shop opening law. The law for the establishment of a Sunday opening throughout the city there is a public interest. This was but the opinion of the judge in any case. In accordance with the requirements of the Federal constitutional court the basic law protected Sunday rest is observed. It needed a factual reason for an exception. Mere economic revenue interests of the selling holders as well as an everyday “Shopping interest” from potential buyers was not sufficient for it.

+++ 16.45: Mass death of fish in a tributary of the Neckar +++

In a polluted river in Ilsfeld in Baden-Württemberg several tons of fish have died. A spokesman for the fire brigade informed. Is affected, therefore, a roughly 16-Kilometer section of the Schozach, a tributary of the Neckar. Also dead waterfowl and a dead deer were found. Also in front of the mouth of the Neckar river dead fish have been discovered. Whether you were there flushed or the animal to be expanding die, according to police sources, is still unclear. Currently will be assumed that a toxic substance got into the water. Children should not play on the river, and dogs don’t drink out of it.

A first Alarm was dealt with yesterday morning at the Heilbronn police Department. According to the city, and Landratsamt Heilbronn, there was since this afternoon clues as to the possible cause: In the case of a shipping company have given on Tuesday in an accident, around 1000 liters of water-hazardous applicable material to be in contact with.

“Washington Post”report

Like Saudi Arabia, Khashoggi-the children, apparently to Silence wants to bring

AFP +++ 16.29 PM: Several authors and bloggers in Saudi Arabia arrested +++

In Saudi Arabia, at least eight writers and bloggers have been arrested, including two U.S. citizens. The arrested were supporters of the eleven women’s rights activists, who are accused, among other things, allegations of agent activity, informed the Saudi Arabian human rights group, ALQST, based in London. Among the Detainees is the author and doctor, according to the Bader al-Ibrahim and Salah al-Haidar, son of the well-known activist Asisa al-Jussef. Both of them have both the Saudi Arabian and U.S. citizenship. The Saudi Arabian group “Prisoners of Conscience” the voice of ten Prisoners. Neither the Saudi authorities nor the US Embassy in Riyadh, expressed first of all.

+++ 15.47 PM: students try to prevent event with AfD-Chef Meuthen +++

students in Frankfurt have tried to prevent a meeting with the AfD Federal Chairman Jörg Meuthen. Approximately 16 students would have occupied the hall at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, in the evening a discussion on the European elections, with Meuthen should take place, confirmed a spokeswoman for the University. At the event, the SPD top candidate and Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley, as well as Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch also expected. The school left the hall, according to information from the police. Previously, discussions between the students and the University administration have brought no result. The discussion should take place in the evening as planned.

+++ 15.25: engineer bags suitcase full of money – and forget video cameras +++

A driver has confessed in a train with two suitcases full of money is discovered and to have the lion’s share of it for themselves diverted. The 48-Year-old had been transferred by surveillance cameras, reported the Federal police. The records showed how he drags in düsseldorf Central station with the heavy suitcase with 6000 Euro Coin to his car, and the visibly lighter case with only 1000 Euro to the Fund office. The money had then been in a house search in his basement to ensure.

According to police, it was the money of the savings to a Nigerian who wanted to use these for a surgery in Germany. The 56-Year-old had lost the case due to a mishap. His drive to stamp card, he had to leave the train in Leverkusen, Germany. The train closed the doors and drove off without him. The Coins have shown the man at the point of entry is properly reported to the police.

+++ 15: 04: 14-Year-old pepper spray sprayed in school 20 injured +++

A 14-Year-old has sprayed in a school in Worms, in Rhineland-Palatinate pepper spray. 20 teachers and students were injured, the police announced. Three students had to be transported to a hospital. After a preliminary investigation, the student had brought the pepper spray to school and on an empty hallway playing with it. However, he expressed apparently accidentally hit the shutter button. A little later the bell rang for the break, and 20 people ran through the cloud Mace. 16 students and four teachers irritation of the respiratory tract and eyes suffered.

report on the strategy paper

Russians wanted about AfD members glad Maier German policy influence

By Marc Drewello +++ 15.02 PM: Bavaria, the AfD group chief wants to go to CSU +++

The leader of the AfD in the Landtag of Bavaria, Markus Plenk, wants to leave a party, and to the CSU overflow. “I’m sick of it, to be the bourgeois façade of a xenophobic and extremist party,” said Plenk, the “mirror”. He had the feeling of “guilty” to the Parts of the AfD-driven division of the company. Plenk leads the group together with Katrin Ebner-Steiner. With his announcement of the in the direction of the fight in the Bavarian AfD group reached a new climax. Last week, the Deputy Raimund Swoboda had declared its withdrawal because of a shift to the right of the group.

The AfD was retracted at the state election in October, with 10.2 percent for the first time in the Bavarian Parliament, and cut off as the fourth strongest force stronger than the SPD. According to the number of the members of the AfD but is now only the fifth-strongest force.

+++ 14: 51: allegation of sexual abuse – a Catholic priest on leave of absence +++

The Cologne cardinal Rainer Woelki has once again suspended a priest because of allegations of sexual abuse. It Euskirchen, Germany, to a parish vicar in the circle of Dean’s office, informed the Archdiocese. 2010 would appear from the 1990s Dating of the alleged incidents to the police. The investigations of the public Prosecutor, had later been set. The priest denies the allegations. A spokesman for the Archdiocese refused to answer on the phone questions about the case.

+++ 14: 46: Barack Obama to Merkel in the Chancellery +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel has met with former US President Barack Obama in Berlin to exchange views. The focus of the meeting in the Chancellery of the TRANS-Atlantic is likely to tables relationship between Berlin and Washington. It has deteriorated after the assumption of office of Obama’s Republican successor to Donald Trump as US President. A big point of contention between Merkel and Trump the protectionist economic policies of the American. On the eve of Obama was celebrated at an event “World Leadership Summit” in Cologne, Germany, from more than 14 000 people.

the report of the week

Barack Obama in Cologne

leadership Seminar with the usually missing-in-chief of the world

If 14,000 people come to a training for leaders, then there will be unable to vote. True. Because no one Less than Barack Obama had announced the chief of all the chiefs came, spoke and enthusiastic.

Niels Kruse +++ 14.33 PM: Germany wants to take in refugees from the rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” + + +

Germany wants to take out a part of the refugees on the rescue ship “Alan Kurdi”. The Federal government is set for a “quick-and-humanitarian solution” for the rescued at sea, people in the Mediterranean sea, said a spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry. You would expect from other EU-member States that they make a contribution at the time of recording. The ship was rescued according to their own statements 64 refugees off the Libyan coast from a boat, including women and children. The “Alan Kurdi” is currently seeking a port in the EU, in the sure can run.

+++ 14.26 PM: Macron wants to leave the role of France during the genocide in Rwanda, check +++

the President of France, Emmanuel Macron wants to leave the role of his country during the genocide in Rwanda 25 years ago check. Macron have to call a Commission of historians to “to view all of the French archives in relation to Rwanda between 1990 and 1994,” said the Elysée Palace. The results of the investigation are to be summarized within two years, in a report. In the former German and Belgian colony of Rwanda, members of the Hutu ethnic group, in 1994, were killed within a period of three months at least 800,000 people. Most of the victims were members of the minority, the Tutsis, but many moderate Hutu were killed. Many of the perpetrators were officials of the state, about from the army or police. In Rwanda is commemorated on the Sunday of the start of the genocide, 25 years ago. Rwanda has accused France to have with his support of the former Rwandan government of genocide complicit. Paris has so far rejected any complicity in the carnage.

+++ 14.04 PM: rescue boat: Germany doesn’t feel alone, responsible +++

The Federal government has agreed to the inclusion of some migrants from the blocked German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi”. However, Germany felt not alone for the fate of the 64 boat refugees, said interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) in Berlin. Other EU States would have to take people from the ship. “It must be a community action.”

“Alan Kurdi” from the charity organization, Sea-Eye had saved in the middle of the week, the people in front of the Libyan coast. Since then, the ship seeking a safe Harbor. Italy has denied the driveway and sees Germany in the duty, because the boat is sailing under the German flag. Malta, too, wants to let the ship dock.

+++ 13.54 PM: court: youth welfare office may warn of Pädophilem +++

The youth welfare office were the village may, after a decision of the administrative court Münster information about a convicted sex offender. The court rejected the Eileintrag of a man who was sentenced in 2011 because of the proliferation of child pornographic writings to a suspended sentence of five months. The pedophile wanted to prevent that, the authority informed Known about his criminal record. The applicant wanted the single mother of four children to parents provide assistance in dealing with authorities and to bring the children’s Sports events.

According to the court, the interest of the youth welfare office to the child outweighs well above the legal personality of the applicant. After that, warnings to parents and guardians of minor children are generally permitted, if there are major indications of a threat by third parties are present, informed the court. An appeal against the ruling of the upper administrative court of Münster.

+++ 13.38 PM: mayor in Italy village for sale +++

a Protest against the extinction of small villages has an Italian mayor, a special action come to mind: He offers a symbolic parts of the municipality for sale. It was a “provocation” to the Plight of the to make small communities, said the mayor of Esino Lario, Pietro Penza, the German press Agency. In the place in Lombardy only about 750 people resided.

For sale on a dedicated website to a village Bank are available now for 280 euros, the Sign for 1250 Euro, or the whole of the town hall for € 200,000. “We want to convey a positive message,” said Penza. In many small towns in Italy, there is a cultural heritage that you should not lose. The offers received should be checked. “Until now, I get many calls from journalists,” he said on the question of whether have already been reported many interested parties.

+++ 13.15 PM: Athens: heavily armed Autonomous injure two police officers +++

During a RAID in the Athens city centre, two port police officers have been injured. The officials had first made in the port of Piraeus, a drug Fund, and then, together with a Prosecutor to an apartment in the Athens problem looking district of Exarchia, the police announced. There, they would have seized drugs and two women arrested. As they left the building, and faced the nine men, according to which around 50 Masked men, many of whom were armed.

In the following confrontation was violated when two officers – one with a stab wound to the leg, the other with punches to the face. Greek Newspapers report that the state’s attorney been injured and in the hospital were. The Autonomous are to the part with guns, some even have been armed with assault rifles. In the case of the discussion you would have taken the two injured police officers the weapons. In addition, a detained woman had managed to escape.

+++ 12.23 PM: Hofreiter calls for the voting age at 16 years – “stronger voice” for young people +++

Green party leader, Anton Hofreiter has expressed its support for a lower voting age. “I think that young people should be given a stronger voice – for example, by setting the voting age to 16 years,” said Hofreiter of the Newspapers of the “editors’ network Germany”. Today’s decisions of the Older concern, finally, especially the youth. In the case of the student demonstrations “Fridays for Future” are in Germany-for months, young people for better climate protection on the road. In Berlin, the 16 on Friday. weekly protests in a row.

+++ 12.20 PM: Minister of transport demand rapidly incentives for new engines of cars +++

the transport Ministers of The countries have demanded that the Federal government is rapidly incentives for a massive shift to vehicles with alternative and largely emission-free drives. This “incentive system” would have to be open to new technology, it said in a decision on climate protection in the transport sector, according to participants. Also, the transport sector should contribute to CO2-reduction. Here, immediate and decisive Action, “the Federal government is required,” it said.

+++ 11.50 am: EU-Commission: BMW, Daimler, VW have illegal arrangements +++

The car companies BMW, Daimler and VW have taken according to the findings of the EU-competition authorities of illegal collusion to technologies of exhaust gas cleaning. This is the EU Commission announced on Friday in Brussels on the Basis of the preliminary results of the investigation.

+++ 11.35 am: sprinkler system floods city of Duisburg, the Opera house – for the time being unplayable +++

Around 80 000 litres of water from the sprinkler system have the theatre of the city of Duisburg flooded. How it came to the intrusion of water, not at first. Especially the stage area was filled up, it was in the city. The fire Department from pumping the water masses in the morning. To the extent of the damage, yet nothing was said.

All performances must be according to the city until further notice. Also, the final program of the cultural festival Duisburger Akzente, the goes on Sunday, has been cancelled. Already purchased tickets may be returned according to the message.

+++ 11.05 PM: the United States withdraw from the ICC chief Prosecutor Bensouda visa +++

The United States, the chief Prosecutor of the International criminal court (ICC) revoked the entry permit. The confirmed Fatou Bensoudas office in The Hague. Bensouda had stimulated 2017 under investigation for war crimes in Afghanistan, from which U.S. soldiers would be affected.

+++ 10.44 PM: Gefährderin after returning from Syria in custody +++

A Gefährderin classified woman is immediately after their return from Syria by the German authorities because of child abduction in custody. Be had been landed on Thursday at the Stuttgart airport with their three children, and allegations of serious child abduction after their arrival, taken up, informed a spokesman of the competent düsseldorf office of the Prosecutor General. The 32-year-old German is gone, therefore, in the autumn of 2015 with their three children, against the will of the father to Syria. One of the children died abroad, the wife got another child. You will be classified since at least 2017 as Gefährderin.

+++ 10.26 PM: suspect, after a series of extreme-right Drohschreiben +++

calculated According to a nationwide series of Letters with right-wing extremist content, the police has identified a suspect man from Schleswig-Holstein. The police and Prosecutor’s office announced in Berlin. The man standing under the suspicion of being the author of numerous emails, among other things, with bomb threats to courts, and other facilities.

The emails were signed with “national-socialist Offensive”. They went, therefore, to the authorities in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Baden-Württemberg, and Brandenburg. Now will determine whether the man was also Drohschreiben author of further out of the total of 200 that are the subject of the investigation.

+++ 10.02 PM: May asks EU to Brexit-delay to 30. June +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, the EU has been postponed for the withdrawal of Britain to the 30. June asked. The British Parliament should agree, before the expiry of this period, the discharge of the contract, could be the Brexit according to earlier, wrote to the head of government in a letter to EU Council President Donald Tusk. She wanted to make preparations for the participation in the European elections. She does not want to participate, but only if the Deal is in time.

if the talks with the Opposition to find a solution, want May hold a further round of voting in Parliament on the “clear options”. The result will keep the government, if the Opposition do that.

+++ 9.30 am: Tusk proposes flexible Brexit-delay of twelve months before the +++

EU Council President Donald Tusk has proposed a “flexible” postponement for the withdrawal of Britain from the EU of twelve months. “This is Tusk’s idea,” said a senior EU representatives, thus confirming media reports. The proposal “will be presented today to the member States,” he said.

According to the current state. the UK, the EU at midnight on 12 April, leave. With Tusk’s new proposal London could move to the exit. The British house of Commons between the Prime Minister Theresa May and Brussels negotiated exit contract should approve, could London emerge before the end of the year from the EU.