Rong Yuan must have felt that some things were right at their workplace in the small technology company Berkeley Engineering and Research to the North of Oakland in the U.S. state of California. Your lunch often had a strange smell and taste. Also the water that left them out in the open on your Desk, tasted sometimes a little weird. She ate and drank anyway, and suffered repeatedly at “immediate and significant health problems”, – quotes the Washington Post and from court files. Yuan was really sick, several times she had to go to the hospital. Always after she had eaten something at the office or drinking.

In the last week, your colleague, David X. was arrested. The engineer is accused of, to have his colleague intentionally and systematically over a number of months poisoned. So he should have the toxic heavy metal cadmium in their water or in the food tilted bottle.


He wanted to rape girls, kill and eat – then a policeman offered him his daughter

Of Katharina Grimm Toxic heavy metal cadmium

Started all of this to the 9. October 2017, says the official report from the police. Yuan suffers from repeated complaints after the meal, some weeks later, two of her family members were sick. They had made yuan a bottle of water to drink, which she had brought from work to home.

Yuan must have had a suspicion, because you reviewed the Material to a surveillance camera in the office. As she worked through the shots, she discovered that X. tilts your a substance in the water bottle. Samples of the water: It is cadmium. Yuan and their affected family members are examined. Also in their bodies, the Doctors find values increased Cadmium.

cadmium is a toxic heavy metal that irritates after taking first the stomach and causes diarrhea and vomiting. In particularly severe cases of Intoxication, it can become deadly. Over a longer period of time, small amounts of cadmium are ingested, this can cause damage to the kidneys and bone can fast break. Also, cadmium is suspected to be carcinogenic.

Treasure hunt

The deadly mystery of Mr. Fenns treasure of gold

a few years Ago, the eccentric millionaire hid Fenn, Forrest a treasure of gold. Whoever finds the chest, you can keep it – but for this treasure, must crack the viewfinder the puzzle of a poem. Thousands made their way, two, they never returned.

Katharina Grimm’s lawyer expresses

so Far, the officials can puzzles, why Mr Yuan wanted to poison. His lawyer denies the charges. “As you all know, he is held innocent,” said his lawyer Julia Jayne on the way to the court of the U.S. reporters. The defendant had no criminal record and pose no threat, but a person who belong to a “loving family and community”. The father of a family of two children, was innocent.

The police and the Prosecutor’s office has not commented yet on the case.

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