Timmothy, the last Time was tips on 12. In may 2011, a theme Park seen. Eight years later, has reported a supposedly 14-Year-old to the police and several U.S. media, according to given to be the missing Boy. By DNA-Test-US-investigators are unmasked but now an impostor, the false hopes on the Emergence of the Missing had nourished.

Mysterious missing person’s case

Timmothy disappeared eight years ago. Now a Teenager logs on to the police. It is Timmothy?

The Federal police authority of the FBI in Louisville in the US state of Kentucky reported that the young man had spent incorrectly as Timmothy Pitzen, who disappeared at the age of six years. This is the clear result of a well carried out DNA comparison. In the case of the cheater, it should be a previously convicted 23-Year-old from the US state Ohio, according to the newspaper “the Cincinnati Enquirer” reported, citing the local police.

conman has spent as Timmothy Pitzen

The impostor had appeared on Wednesday in Kentucky, had spent as Timmothy Pitzen, and claims to be after the year-long abduction of his tormentors and escape. The little Boy from Aurora, Illinois, had disappeared in may 2011. Media, according to him, had taken his mother at the time, on a multi-day excursion, but two days after the two had left their home and the father found the mother dead in a Hotel. You should have committed suicide and leaving a note. In it I said that Timmothy was safe housed with people who took care of him, you’ll find him, however, never reported the CNN. Timmothys family never stopped looking for the boy.

residents were on Wednesday in Newport (Kentucky) at the man carefully. The police, he told to be his long-time captors to escape, he fled from the room of a Motel chain.

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