the lower Saxony police, there has been a serious breakdown: There is a machine gun of the type MP5 from the manufacturer “Heckler & Koch” (is”extremely accurate and shot extremely well controlled”) disappeared without a trace – despite actually existing safety precautions. The interior Ministry confirmed in Hanover, on-star request.

in March, officials would have noticed the Lack of the weapon and two magazines of spare ammunition in the stocks of the police Celle, reported interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD), the deputies of the lower Saxony Committee on internal Affairs. The national police Bureau and Ministry had, however, been informed only in June, so about three months later, about the missing machine gun, contrary to all the rules, informed the Minister of the members of the Committee now, five months after the Disappearance: “The decree stipulates the immediate direction of the Ministry of the interior, in the case of the loss of a weapon,” said Pistorius, calling the delay “unacceptable”.

in Spite of search: MP5-the weapon is still missing

in Spite of extensive search in the whole area of the police Directorate Lüneburg, in the Central police headquarters and other locations, and in vehicles of the national police, the MP5 had gone further, said state police President Axel Brockmann in front of the deputies.

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Kyra radio

Actually a safety precaution to prevent a Disappearance: If police officers are given these weapons in case of need, you have to acknowledge the receipt. This has not happened in the case of the missing machine gun. According to the files the weapon was last updated on February 12. November 2018, has been returned after a shooting exercise. When they disappeared is unclear. It was noted the Absence of a control on 21. March.

Minister of the interior, Pistorius described the incident as “very distressing” and announced, “to want to any errors and repair it,” appoint, “without blinkers”.

the Opposition in Parliament calls for. The Green-Deputy Belit Onay called the glitch “terrifying”, the late Information of Parliament and the Public he described as “absolutely unacceptable”. Representatives of the FDP, commented in a similar way.

As a consequence of the Disappearance of the MP5, among other things, a series of disciplinary procedures had been initiated, in addition, the criminal ran the investigation, said state police President Brockmann. Like the missing weapon is to be found, remained unclear.

Also in the Leipzig police missing machine gun

three years Ago, a machine gun of the type MP5 disappeared from the stocks of the police in Leipzig also. A police officer wants you to have in August 2016 at a gas station, forget it. Despite large-scale search actions and a lack of reward is gone the gun up today.

1000 Euro reward

The police in Saxony loses a machine gun and she just shows up not again

of special importance to obtain lost weapons from police stocks against the Background of this year uncovered scandal in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. There, officers are to manage thousands of rounds of ammunition in the land office of criminal investigation aside, and have this forwarded to the “Prepper”group “Northern cross”. “Prepper” to prepare, among other things, with inventories on disasters or the collapse of state – the use of weapons do not all close. Several “Northern cross”members are under suspicion of terrorist activities.

to Ensure that the in Celle missing weapon was in the hands of violent extremists prepare, there is however no evidence cited in the “cellesche Zeitung” national police President Brockmann. The leaf and the North German radio had initially reported about the case.

sources: , North German radio, “cellesche Zeitung” , Belit Onay, “Heckler & Koch”

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