The place was deliberately chosen: In the Berlin Museum of natural history giant skeletons bear witness to long-extinct reptile of what may cause climate change and environmental changes.

Against this backdrop presented the students of the “Fridays for Future”movement for more climate protection, a catalogue of specific demands to policy-makers. Before here nothing comes in rolls, so the message is found, proceed to the “school strike” with nationwide demonstrations every Friday.

So, the Alliance calls for a quarter of the German coal-fired power plants this year off. This is due to the Overproduction of “dirty power” in this country feasible. In addition, the Coal phase-out in Germany until 2030, and not by the coal Commission’s proposed first-2038 needs to be realized. The phase-out of coal as a major source of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) plays a key role in climate protection, said Sebastian Grieme, one of the spokesman for the movement.

He also called for a CO2 tax on climate-damaging greenhouse gases. “The price for emissions has to be the same as the cost of present and future generations,” said Grieme and referred to calculations by the Federal environment Agency. Accordingly, the Emission of one Tonne of CO2 caused damage of around 180 euros. The equivalent to the emissions of Germany in 2016, this corresponds to a total cost of approximately 164 billion Euro, had communicated to the office at the end of last year.

For months, the students go every Friday to the streets to demand more use of the policy for climate protection. Scientists joined the concern. Have their origin in the actions in Sweden, where the student Greta Thunberg demonstrated as the First regularly before the Parliament. In the meantime, it has become a global movement. Thunberg voice at the end of March in front of 20,000 students at a “Fridays for Future”Demonstration in Berlin.

so Far, the German student Alliance, noted that the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, which was decided in the climate agreement of Paris as a desirable, should not be torn. Otherwise, it threatened incalculable consequences for mankind, and, as in the case of the dinosaurs – the next “extinction of species”.

The objectives are to increase the pressure on politicians. So Germany would have to change by 2035, its energy supply completely to Renewable, require the student. By 2035, it should not be achieved in the emissions of greenhouse gases, the “net zero” – the Land and therefore produce more CO2 than, for example, by the nature or storage systems may be compensated.

“The past months have shown, we have an impact on society,” said student speaker Linus Steinmetz. “The adults have our the biggest Problem and coming generations caused, and make no effort to solve this Problem.” The students ‘ strike to hear if concrete actions of politicians followed. “Only dialogue is not enough for us,” said Grieme.

According to the assessment of Volker Quaschning, Professor for Renewable energy systems at the University of technology and Economics in Berlin and a member of the “Scientists for the Future”, are entitled to the demands of the students and to implement. “Germany, as one of the richest countries need to do his homework, and has a function as a role model.”