during the holidays, you can’t skip school – and the climate movement Fridays for the Future does the opposite, to attract attention: While other age your holiday is enjoyed to enjoy, work on the future of their protest.

How will it continue, now where is the climate change in the wider Public debate, but except for political declarations of intent, no success has been achieved? How can you ensure that the Protesters do not run out of air, when the media interest dies down? You have to more radical forms of action, or stronger alliances with established organizations?

decisions on these or other issues will not be explicitly made, emphasize the organizers of the summer Congress in Dortmund again and again. Instead, it is about the Networking, Inform, Share, and Encourage. More than 1500 young people between 10 and 28 years, have circles logged in to this Meeting, with work and lots of summer camp-We-feeling.

47 are large tents will be on the edge of a vast Dortmunder Parks. At another corner of the colorful tents on a Festival site – with less waste. In the big kitchen under the open sky snipping helpers onions, in huge pots behind the vegan Chili cooking. Actually, the organizers had promised the Hungry, that is all this time going faster than the first dinner. However, in snakes to get the food have to be patient. And so, the chanting sing their slogans of Protest against coal corporations and SUV drivers, or play cards.

Who is tired most of the time useful to do: Two schools on the edge of the Park will be during the Congress in spite of holiday time to a place of learning. The participants should get the content as methodological tools. There are panel discussions, networking meetings and more than 200 working groups.

As from a shopping cart and a couple of wooden beams in a climate-neutral speakers car for the Demo builds show some of the activists on the Playground. More than 30 young people hanging on the inside of the lips of the passionate forest host and book author Peter Wohlleben, reported on the forest in the climate crisis. A couple of class rooms explained Online Video-producer, Christoph Krachten, the foundations of a successful Youtube work.

“most of it happened but, probably, by the way,” says Jacob Blasel. The school belongs to the many-headed organisation Team that prepared the Congress for months. Originally the Meeting was to bring movement through the feared summer doldrums. “Honestly, I thought four months ago, the movement would be after the summer holidays, dead,” he says.

Now he and his colleagues are hopeful that it can succeed, for 20. September to bring more people than ever on the road. On the day on which the climate Cabinet wants to introduce in Berlin, its results, has called the movement for a General strike. The Protest should then be no longer borne only by the young people. This Time, adults should exercise their responsibility to explain to the activists.

the protest according to some researchers, Fridays for the Future are important steps: Complete the movement in the free daily strike ritual, so the threat of it “to be all Involved in boring – the media, including” the sociologist Dieter Rucht. The movement would also have to obtain beyond climate policy issues Position, he finds – even if the potential for conflict of mountains. Elsewhere he sees a need for improvement: Even after several months of its existence, decision-making processes and responsibilities within the movement “is diffuse and non-transparent”.

Addressed to such criticism, the activists show themselves unmoved. The loose structure have proven to work well, the issue is not small potatoes, you are convinced. And what of the critics who complain that Fridays for the Future, make a representation with their well-educated, often from Academic households, the structure and the friendly young people, only an Elite?

“This is a legitimate observation, but not a legitimate complaint,” says Blasel. They acted all the same. And while some ignored, some of it is despised, even Vera, were many other enthusiastic. The movement had wide support, reports organiser, Helena Marshal. The have also shown the preparation. Wherever you introduce yourself and your concerns, there have been offers of help: most of the food is donated, as are the wood chips for the “compost toilet”. “We know everywhere class solidarity”. This Friday you want to go, as usual, also in Dortmund on the street, while others carried away and convince.

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