Who is running for a whole day in High Heels or a Marathon run, know that this can be very nice on the feet. But the 34-year-old Frenchwoman Christelle Doyhambehere not deterred and ran in the Paris Marathon. However, they ran the whole distance in High Heels. The marathon route of 42.195 kilometres managed in the high-heeled shoes with a time of six hours and less than four minutes.

in order Doyhambehere broke the previous world record set by a woman from the USA who made a marathon two years earlier, in High Heels in just under seven and a half hours. The idea to run in unusual running shoes you brought in your Partner. He and Doyhambehere, who frequently wears high heels, went to a movie and had to run the idea through the rain to her car. Since both had signed up to the Marathon, he joked: “Why are you walking the Marathon in those shoes?”. Said and done!

High-Heel-Training at night in Paris

she trained five to six Times a week, sometimes in running shoes, time in High Heels. They ran better at night because they feared pictures of her in social networks, reports the site, “The Local”. During the actual marathon, it was running almost smoothly. As the 34-reached the finish line, she was surprised to have the 42 kilometers in such a short period of time.

their world record attempt, used for Collecting donations for a charity that entertain children in a local hospital, where Christelle Doyhambehere as a nursing assistant is working. The world record has yet to be recognized by Guiness.

sources: the news Agency UPI that “The Local”,