Moers: Gas-a freight train derailed, A40 fully locked

In Moers is derailed on Monday morning, a Gas-Laden freight train. On a railway bridge over the A40 jumped out of unclear reasons, three tank cars off the tracks. The train driver had been injured in the accident, a spokesman for the fire Department. In addition, the overhead line had been damaged. The police blocked the A40, as well as a Federal road in both directions, since initially it was unclear whether LNG is stepping out of the car. “At the present time, the measuring result is negative,” the spokesman said. Currently, the plans for recovery of the derailed wagons running. Perhaps the highway has to be escalated blocked in the evening again

Munich, Party, anarchists hurt seven police officers

In the night on Sunday escalated in Munich’s Ludwigsvorstadt is a Party. Initially, local residents had informed the police about the noise in a courtyard complaining. Like the “TZ” reported, was received by the first arriving patrol car of about 30 party guests. Some of them have bepöbelt the officials and threatened. In addition, the urine they respected the police, to the police car. Because the young men ignored between the ages of 17 and 20 years, one of the most important place of reference, reinforcements are called in. Thereafter, the Situation deteriorated further. Some of the party guests attacked the beats the officers with kicks and Fist. This set is then pepper spray is a and, according to several people. The balance sheet: Two police officers had to be treated, one of them was hit by a glass bottle on the head. Seven men arrested by the police. Two of them are to be supplied to the investigating judge, in order to clarify the custody issue.

Berlin: Teenage Duo fails in RAID on Erotik-Shop

That went in my pants. On amateurish way two young robbers are failed on Saturday evening with a RAID on a sex Shop. Masked and with a blank gun and knife, took the Teenager to the Store in Berlin-Neukölln. There, the store owner confronted them, apparently, was so energetic, that the Duo’s bunk. A Patrol was aware of the two, because they had forgotten in the rush, their masks off. In a Park, the police officers found a 16-Year-old. His accomplice managed to escape.

Ludwigshafen, Germany: 19-Year-old power box

demolished omitted, Apparently on the way home from a Party, a 19-Year-old early Sunday morning his frustrations on a power box. The young man came again and again on the box, so that several street lights are acknowledged for their service. The local residents alerted police to hit the heavily drunken Teenager at the scene and found a quickly test to 2.4 per thousand. The officials handed him over to his father. The damage to the electricity box: approx 5000 Euro.

Hannover: Seven of the wounded police officers after the collision of two strip

the car On the way to a fire on Sunday in Hanover, two patrol cars collided. Both were a police report that with blue lights and siren on-the-go. In the collision at an intersection an officer was trapped in such a way that you are freed from the fire brigade and seriously wounded in a hospital. The police had been called, therefore, in the Northern city, where football fans of Hannover 96 supporters of the left-hand scene in the dispute were advised. To the injured police, the property was the car, according to initial estimates loss of about 60,000 euros.


At a crossroads in Hanover, the two streaks collided car to the police. An officer was so jammed that they had to be freed by firefighters.

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